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A Moment Of Awakening

In light of the Monday Night Football tragedy, leading anti-vaccine lawyer Thomas Renz joins the InfoWars podcast to discuss whether the vaccine debate has been vindicated, or do we need this unfortunate incident to push the proverbial ball over the goal line.

“This is not a told you so moment,” Renz said. “This is a tragedy with a human being who is suffering and may not survive.” He added that the anti-vax narrative needs to be talked about, because millions of people are still getting boosted and lied to and don’t know the facts. More from Infowars.

Update: Dorrian Glenn, uncle of Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin who collapsed on the field Monday night after suffering cardiac arrest, told Fox News that his nephew has improved to 50 percent oxygen on a ventilator, though he is still sedated and in critical condition.

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