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Inflame My Heart

How did the Centers for Disease Control and medical establishment push covid vaccines when so many individuals, especially young adults, end up dying from myocarditis? Are these doctors ignorant, indifferent or just bought off by Big Pharma?  More from Jamie Dlux.

Clueless Celebs Paying The Price

Unaware celebrity performers are falling like flies for what the media says are “unknown causes.” Could they be paying a high price for being clueless about the dangers tied to vaccines and the endless array of booster shots?

Top-level performers, such as Ringo Star, Stevie Nicks, Justin Bieber, Celine Dion and Carlos Santana, have encountered major emergencies, leading to the cancellation of their gigs. Others haven’t been so lucky, falling ill and collapsing while performing, and in some cases, dying on stage. Xandrewx reports there have been 53 instances of medical emergencies or death in the last three months alone. Here’s more.

Booster Shot #17!

Spacebusters trickles into the lighter side of life with the following parody of the Covid-19 vaccinations, titled “Booster Shot #17.” Be prepared to laugh uncontrollably and, don’t forget to say, “Ouchy Fauci.!”

Cancer Exploding In Booster Vax

Dr. Jane Ruby reveals the evidence of emerging cancer in the Covid-19 vaccinations and the explosion of the disease in those people who have been boosted. Ruby cites published studies, and one case study in particular, in an update on the ReAwaken America Tour. Here’s her report.

Rushing Sheeple For The Booster

The sheeple scramble to get a booster vaccine. More from CairnsNews.

Another Hollywood Elite Dead

Bob Saget is the latest Hollywood star to die after confirming he was vaxed and received a booster shot. Meanwhile, the New Year brings new strain and Washington State is prepping citizens for internment. More from RedPill78.

In this episode, we discuss a set of independent stories that could possibly spell out the next global crisis with rumors emerging from China of an “Ebola-like hemorrhagic fever,” shortly after Russia claims rioters (presumably angry over the arrest of the Prime Minister connected to Hunter Biden and Joe via the ‘laptop from hell’) in Kazakhstan broke into a U.S. maintained bioweapons lab, possibly leaking an unknown number of pathogens. And much more news from JustInformed Talk.

Deep State Chatter Has Begun

The [Deep State]/Big Pharma has gone down the path of the collapse. They were given a choice:  Show the people the truth or collapse under the weight of fraud and criminality. It seems they are choosing option two: Collapse. The fake news is already signaling that the pandemic is coming to an end. The clock is now ticking down. The next phase of the patriot plan is now in motion: Take the bullhorn away from the fake news. All the pieces are coming together. More from the X22 Report.

Latest Victim: NY Times Editor

A 49-year-old New York Times editor has died one day after taking a booster jab. Carlos Tejada, the deputy Asia editor for the Times, died of a heart attack after receiving the Moderna shot. He had previously received two Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine shots. More from The Salty Cracker.


You Need A Second Life Jacket!

Why you need a second life jacket! More from AwakenwithJP.

Georgia Judge Blocks Mandate

Another win in Federal court against jab mandates, this time for Fed Contractors. More from RedPillNews.

Attorney Todd Callender is fighting for a 74-year old man who is allegedly being held by Northwestern Medicine Palos Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, against his will and against the will of his family. That man’s daughter Shannon and Callender¬† join me to expose the anti-human nature of the blatantly evil NIH / hospital Covid protocols. Along with the deadly experimental gene therapy, the “vaccine” may well lead to Nuremberg 2.0 trials for crimes against humanity. Midway through the call our friend and nurse Nicole joins the conversation. More from the SGTReport.

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