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Biden Worse Than We Thought

There are anonymous reports revealing President Biden is suffering from far more debilitating dementia behind closed doors than America is aware of. The events are more shocking than the rambling president in public, who is openly being used by the Chinese Communist Party to accelerate the downgrade and eventual extermination of the United States.

Infowars’ Alex Jones reports Biden is followed closely by a doctor with a large Pelican case full of drugs that he’s injected with. “Biden doesn’t know who he is at 3 a.m. at night and roams around the White House yelling at people and defecating on himself,” Jones says. “He’s literally setting up America for a fall, and they’ll blame him and blame America.” Jones explains further.

World’s Most Insane Liberal

Badass Uncle Sam, a stalwart of conservatism, has met his share of crazies in the French Quarter of New Orleans while spreading his patriotic values. But a recent encounter with an uber-liberal woman absolutely blew his mind.

He explains the following video is not a pleasant one, but he feels compelled to expose the radical, demented ideology of the Left. “Of all the liberals I’ve spoken to out there, this woman is without a doubt, hands down, the most insane,” he says. “I would challenge anyone to find me anybody crazier than this one.” Here’s the video and, as always, judge it for yourself.

Video Proof Of Voter Fraud

The following video, which includes evidence of voter fraud from various sites during the November 2020 election, has been summarily banned on YouTube more than once.

It was obtained by the Eddy English channel and features a 17-minute compilation of cheating at various locations, from ballot stuffing, to completing blank ballots to illegal transfer of ballots, some of these deliberate actions right in front of law enforcement.  As always, use your own discretion when viewing the clip.

Fauci Let Pandemic Happen

In a stirring condemnation of Dr. Anthony Fauci that Fox News refused to post on YouTube, Tucker Carlson called out “America’s doctor” for letting the coronavirus pandemic happen. Fox apparently found the report so controversial that it did not make it available on YouTube for fear of being penalized.

Citing an article in Medium, by former New York Times science editor Nicholas Wade, Carlson says that the piece makes it clear that more than any other American, Fauci was responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic.  He says Wade lays out a nearly  insurmountable amount of evidence that the virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China, where gain-of-function research was conducted on infectious diseases, and funded and approved by Fauci. Here’s the entire Carlson segment, which InfoWars ran as a public service announcement on its Banned.Video site.


Why You Should Turn Off Netflix

From Sigmund Freud to Edward Bernays to Marc Bernays Randolph, the anti-human propaganda agenda continues on in the modern era. Marc Bernys Randolph was the co-founder and first CEO of Netflix. Freud was Randolph’s great grand-uncle, as was Bernys, the pioneer in the field of propaganda. More from Banned.Video in a video called The Pedophile Propagandist Roots of Netflix.



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