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Is Final Countdown At Hand?

Tick, tock…Are we nearing the final countdown? Q-drops might suggest we are approaching the end. Is it the end of the planet or the end of the corruption?

what’s happening with the deceiving players — like the Democratic oligarths and censors? Trump has said several times that Joe Biden is shot. Is Trump referring to Biden’s addled mental state? Or has The Resident already been shot for his crimes, leaving us with an actor in the White House? Have there been behind-the-scenes executions? If so, who is gone and for what reasons?

Here, Christian Patriot News explores many relevant Q-posts and deltas, giving us a sense of the multiple possible meanings and interpretations. Time will tell which actually apply, and which are lose ends. But the Q-posts suggest we should remain vigilant and watchful, especially around March 16.

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