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Operation Lockstep Weapons

Have we been under attack from VLP bioweapons? The VLP stands for Very-Large Particle, and these were the bioweapons the United States allegedly developed under a program called Operation Lockstep.

USA Today calls Operation Lockstep a “conspiracy theory,” but these are the same yahoos who told us covid originated from animals, and didn’t originate inside a lab in Wuhan, Communist China. In other words, they feel no shame whatsoever spreading fake news.

Here, JustInformed Talk discusses the realm of possibilities and implications surrounding Operation Lockstep. In essence, the theory holds that global elites manufactured the Covid-19 pandemic as a means to control the population and begin to implement a fascist police state. Some link these elites to the Rockefeller Foundation, others theorize that Bill Gates might have played a role.

We’re not going to tell you what to believe or disbelieve. But we do find value in entertaining the various scenarios, and returning to explore them further as the evidence warrants.



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