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Rand Paul Rips Fauci

Lovely Warren, a Democratic mayor from Rochester, New York, was arrested on gun and drugs charges. Rand Paul destroys Fauci during testimony, Hungary responds to Soros’ hit piece and another Trump associate gets indicted. More from RedPill78.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, grills Dr. Anthony Fauci — to a crisp. More from Jordan Sather in a new episode of Destroying the Illusion.

U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy is spending $13.5 million, in grant money from the Rockefeller Foundation, to censor what Murthy calls “health misinformation.” Can you imagine if this creep, or the bigger creeps behind him, spent as much time or money fighting child trafficking?

Meanwhile, lawsuits are announced to sue Twitter, Google/YouTube, Twitter and other Big Tech outlets joining this campaign to strip away our Bill of Rights and our freedoms safeguarded by the U.S. Constitution. In announcing the lawsuits, attorney Thomas Renz said there have been at least 45,000 deaths resulting from coronavirus vaccine injections within the United States. More from And We Know.


Prepare For The Shock Wave

The [Deep State]/corrupt politicians are now bracing for the shock wave. The truth and facts are coming out. The people are going to wake up and understand that the election was controlled by the [Deep State] players. The [Deep State] will deploy every asset they have to stop this. Prepare for [zero-day] communication blackout. The [Deep State] will not stop there. They will then push riots and try to make it seem like the Trump supporters became upset because Trump was not reinstated in August. This will fail. The truth always wins. More from the X22 Report.

The Democrats’ playbook is aimed at us. We need to refrain from engaging from them, seeing this as the “calm before the storm.” Hold on and pray! More from And We Know.

In an empire of lies, truth is misinformation. Let’s listen as Vivek H. Murthy, the surgeon general of the United States, outlines the Biden administration’s sick plan to push censorship, using grant money from the globalist Rockefeller Foundation. More from the SGTReport.

Gates Admits Changing DNA

In the following video that surfaced recently, Bill Gates actually admits that instructions are being inserted into the coronavirus vaccines to change your DNA. According to The Truth Hunter, much of the vaccine manipulation is being developed by Gates, in partnership with MIT and the COVID-19 playbook, and all being sanctioned by the United Nations and the Rockefeller Foundation.

He says our individual genetic code is being altered through mRNA and CRISPR technology by cutting DNA at a designated spot and inserting a new sequence with an artificial code. All this to ensure that everyone complies with the One World Order’s mandatory implementations. More details from The Truth Hunter.

Say It With Me

Today we’re going to playing CONNECT THE DOTS, covering a mysterious Rockefeller Foundation document from 10 years ago, outlining the “Lockstep” plan without falling into the obvious traps laid out in regards to misinformation, then I’ll be moving on to a curious Facebook post by Victorian Premier Dan Andrews from 2017, and then we’ll wrap it all up with some current Bill Gates shenanigans to ultimately ask the question…

Do you remember signing up to be a human guinea pig? More from Really Graceful.


Draw The Line HR6666

Besides its eerie 6666 nomenclature, this bill introduced into the House by Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., would strip away much of our rights and freedoms. Why are the Democrats increasingly turning into such totalitarian assholes? Why are they so intent on destroying our Bill of Rights? The purpose of this legislation would be to spend some $100 billion to fund coronavirus testing and tracing.  More from Jamie Dlux.

Busted. A Rockefeller Foundation document exposes the true Globalist Covid-19 control plan. More from Lisa Haven.

The Los Angeles Times reports that extreme poverty may be the pandemic’s heaviest toll. But it isn’t the virus causing this suffering—it’s the lockdown. Dennis Prager also addresses the latest new media lie about him—these leftists are determined to discredit Dennis, but they are just too easily proven wrong every time they try.

Police State Contagion

Journalist Harry Vox gives a 2014 report that warns how the ruling elite plan to use contagion and pandemics to institute a global police force. The U.S. military-industrial police state has never hesitated to sacrifice the lives of Americans to achieve its goal of locking down control of all movement — not just in and out of the country but within the country. Bioweapons, as the Rockefeller Foundation gleefully pointed out way back in 2010, are a fantastic way to convince an already-mentally-supine population to yield control of their physical forms to the state’s machinations as well. More from HelenofDestroy.

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Pedogate Busts Gaining Steam

About 30 suspected pedophiles have been busted in recent arrests, including a police officer in North Carolina and a college dean in Georgia. Random Rants from Ryan offers the details.

E-girls are steaming angry and losing their minds. Why? Because virtual anime camgirl Projekt Melody has been introduced and is now trending as the No. 1 camgirl on Chaturbate. More from Mr, Obvious.

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Jamie Dlux calls this video Pawns in the World Game. It’s a look at how the Communists and their allies, like the Ford Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation, are putting the pincers on the middle class, trying to squeeze us out of existence and strip away our rights, our freedoms and our guns.

Random Rants of Ryan returns with a second report detailing the child abuse committed by longtime New York police officer Mike Valva and his fiancee Angela Pollina. They abused and tortured children, including Valva’s own eight-year-old son Tommy Valva, who died of hypothermia. He was forced to sleep through the winter on the concrete floor of his garage, held captive begging for food. His father and the fiancee sold streaming video of their torture sessions, clearing as much as $100,000 per month.

Finally, we close with a report on the indictment Tuesday on federal charges against Lawrence Ray, the father of a former Sarah Lawrence College student. He is accused of brainwashing his daughter’s roommates and forming a criminal sex cult. He faces charges including sex trafficking. CBS2’s Ali Bauman reports.

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VRIL, Hitler and Star Wars

What are the connections between Hitler and his chief propagandists and the modern-day Star Wars films? What elements of esoterica connect them? Are these binds scientific or religious? Also, what are the VRIL, the secret community founded in the 1800s, based on Bulwer Lytton’s novel The Coming Race. More from Isaac Weishaupt.

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In case you want to learn more, here is the full 2008 documentary Dark Fellowships: The Vril, that is frequently quoted throughout Isaac Weishaupt’s work above.  Also of interest: the four-part 1992 documentary The Occult History of the Third Reich, which is also available in its entirety on YouTube.

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Is Aldebaran the star that Satanists worship? Is it the infamous Molech Kult Star? EntertheStars Reloaded explores this possibility.  He says, “Could this be the famed, biblical Star of Remphan? It sits exactly between Orion and the Pleiades Seven Sisters (which God claims as his own in the books of Amos and Job.)”

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Finally, we offer a short piece on Maria Orsic, one of the leading women involved in the Vril Society. She was part of a group of women who supposedly communicated with an advanced civilization living on a planet near the star Aldebaran, or Alpha Tauri, in the constellation Taurus some 65 light-years from our Sun. Much of the information on the Vril Society has been erased, following the defeat of the Nazis in WWII. Some charge that was done by the Rockefeller Foundation at the behest of Standard Oil. The reason: Transmitted Aldebaran technology reportedly included a formula for endless energy.

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