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Christian 21: Putin A White Hat

Christian Sibley, aka Christian 21, says he has no doubt that Vladimir Putin is the No. 1 White Hat, one of the good guys, who’s worked with Donald J. Trump for 27 years!

Appearing on the Ryushin Malone podcast, Christian says all the nonsense that the media is reporting about Ukraine isn’t happening. “Just under four years ago, Putin went into Ukraine and, in two days, he liberated Ukraine, took out the Khazarian Mafia and the Nazi army, who were working for the [British] Crown and the bloodlines,” he says. He added that while there, they saved nearly 62,000 children from the biggest child-trafficking hub on the planet.

Christian 21 and Malone agree that humanity has been doing the bidding for Reptilians for 6,000-plus years. Christian says this species has lived among humanity for a long time, adding that the Nazi leadership during World War II were Reptilian. He gives us more detail and also discusses the true nature of our blue sky and says everything round–no matter what galaxy, what gateway, what part of the universe–is artificial. Here’s more and, as always, do your own research and judge the material for yourself.

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2 thoughts on “Christian 21: Putin A White Hat

  1. Luci Sozio on said:

    Ryushin, I’m sorry to say that you’re brain is trapped in a time warp of some kind. Thought you would be more aware and awake than that. Sending you blessings from our Divine Creator to heal you and liberate you from the brain trap. I’ll always respect you , the work you’ve done is amazing but you must upgrade.

    • Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, though it’s a bit harsh to think Ryushin Malone or Christian 21 are trapped in a time warp. Both are super intelligent and have made great strides in their research and work. But like everyone else, they believe in themselves. Thanks for the comments.

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