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They Use Their Own Children

How do the elites use their own children as vessels for Reptilians and Demons? What will the Flash bring?

Questions answered from previous Christian 21 videos about the 5D transfer. Will we see our families again? How will soul families greet us? What about pregnant women enduring the transfer? What is the Aries connection?

Also in this episode: Lady Gaga horror show! Ascension techniques! E.R.I.C. More from McAllister TV.

It’s A Big Club…You Ain’t In It!

Happy Memorial Day! Remembering the Fallen! It’s a Big Club…and you ain’t in it!

She’s had so many donkeys in her. Who would want that? But they line up for it!

Royal Reptilian hybrids run the whole world! They own everything…religions, the media, the medical establishment, the food industry!

Here’s more from McAllister TVm including an update from Christian 21.

Follow The White Rabbit!

Hermes is the god of thieves and imposters! More Mike Pence memes! Pop culture filled with truth! Alpine Lakes!

Megameme: What “Miracles” do they hide? How to tell gender in New World Order’s mind-control media!

Follow the White Rabbit! More from McAllister TV.

Aboard The Darpa Meat Wagon

Is Dick Cheney an Omicron Reptilian? DARPA meat wagon! Tory Smith! Omega memes throw light on the Event! Full (Disclosure?) Moon coming! Bigger than you can imagine! Dome! Sun! Lenses! New stars will be discovered! More from McAllister TV.

Pence: A Luciferian Pedo-Clone

How many children have been murdered by Mike Pence, the demonic Luciferian clone? How are clones made?

Christian 21 rejoins the program with more explanations regarding the creation of the universe. Who created God, the creator? What is the most protected place in the universe?

Here’s more, including a channel update, from McAllister TV.

Red Hot Creepy Conversions!

Christian 21 and Q! Are we in the future now? Are the Q-posts coming alive and making more sense? Does Q refer to the flash event….sky event…and shut down?

Red Hot Chili Conversions! Who is Admiral Rogers? More from McAllister TV.

The Universe Speaks In Numbers

In-depth description of the frequency fence and how it works! This is how we learn to communicate with positive ETs! Channel Update! The universe speaks in numbers! Oblowzo from Placeboing! More from McAllister TV.

Will Stallone Be Executed?

Ancient negative demonic energies are the master manipulators of all time! It is against high galactic law to clone! Demons help magicians! Magicians use portals!

Detailed account of the soul-selling ritual! How do they do the soul transfers in sex magic? Jupiter Ascending! They can “trap” a soul into a brick wall! Sylvsester Stallone will be publicly tried and executed but it’s no longer him! More from McAllister TV.

Demons Populate Music Videos

Dome removed and 5D slides in while 3D is escorted out! Burning Man! Demons manifesting in music videos! A conversation with Christian 21! Potus rally notes! Rosie! More from McAllister TV.

There’s Nothing Left But Minions

C-Twentyone new video! Actors in Skin Suits! Crown! Cabal! Deep State!

All that’s left is minions who are breaking the law! Charities, taxes, Pharma, electricity…all scams! Why do they put electrical sockets so close to the ground where kids can get shocked!?!

They have been screwing us six ways to Sunday and here’s a few of the things that will change in 5D! Trump speech hi-lights! Channel updates! Short rant! Disclosure! More from McAllister TV.

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