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Tale Of Two Canadas

Badass Uncle Sam reports on a tale of two Canadas, where a handful of patriots are wide-awake to what’s happening in the country and the world, and the other side have their heads firmly planted in the ground.

Badass Uncle Sam takes to the streets for an interview with a former government employee and patriot, who says what his fellow countrymen don’t know is the government shipped in thousands of foreign mercenary troops to squelch the trucker convoy last year. Most of the troops were unidentified, flown in on NATO planes and couldn’t even speak English.

The patriot also claims former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau was one of the original members of the World Economic Forum and that NASA is a farce! “Eighty percent of NASA is a film studio,” he says. Here’s more with Badass Uncle Sam. Use discernment when watching the video.

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