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Will DeSantis Indict Hillary?

Turnaround is fair play, especially in political circles. So the popular adage has many pundits wondering if Gov. Ron DeSantis will go after Crooked Hillary Clinton for Federal Election Commission violations for which she’s already been heavily fined.

H.A. Goodman argues what’s to keep DeSantis or Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody from indicting Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and DNC officials for spending millions of campaign funds on researching the Steel dossier to smear President Donald Trump? It’s a clear violation of election law.

Goodman says Clinton and the DNC were fined, after claiming just like Trump in the Manhattan case, that they were conducting legal services. “So why would it be so outlandish for DeSantis and Ashley Moody to do the same thing (as Manhattan DA)?” Goodman asks. “If it’s the rule of law, what’s the difference?” Here’s more.

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