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DNC Plans To Censor Americans

In a bombshell revelation, buried in the middle of a Politico article, the DNC and other Biden-allied groups want to engage fact-checkers more aggressively and work with SMS (short message service) carriers to refute private conversations if they question the establishment’s vaccine narrative.

Alex Jones says reports from the White House Press Secretary reveal that the DNC is requesting that Apple and the Droid manufacturers give Democrat-approved fact-checkers access to all private text messages. “Think about that,” Jones says. “They’re already in your phone, they’re already surveilling you, they already track you with cookies and read your private messages on Facebook, on Twitter, on YouTube, including your private nude pics.” It’s 1984 all over again. Here’s Jones with more details.

Stimulus Bill Wipes Out NY Debt

The recently passed $1.9 billion stimulus package was very good to New York state, wiping out its unprecedented deficit. Meanwhile, the average American, still stuck with an average debt of $94,500, gets a measly $1,400 check!

Optics are important, as the saying goes, and this looks an awful lot like a payoff to the Empire State. Or, says Martin Brodel, a payoff for Mayor Cuomo and all the corrupt Democrats in New York, who have kept everything locked down. “It’s the DNC’s way of saying, ‘thank you, good job. Now we’re going to bail you out,'” Brodel says. And it doesn’t end there. Expect for states such as Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois and other Democrats strongholds to share in the gravy train. Here’s more with Brodel as he also reports on gun control, U.S.-Asian relations and President Biden’s broken promise to Georgians.

Who Funds The Democrats?

It’s not surprising that Hollywood elites are front and center when it comes to funding the Democrat Party. What is shocking are the social practices of many of these donors.

In a stirring report, investigative blogger Riss Flex reveals some major donors to the Democrat coffers, who are allegedly tied to major sex rings and elite sex clubs. Among the sickos are billionaire film director and producer Roland Emmerich, who is reported to have staged numerous gay, gang-raping pool parties. His film productions have raked in $3 billion worldwide, making him the 15th highest-grossing director of all time. And in 2007, some of that money went into the campaign of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Another Democrat Party supporter, director, producer and actor Bryan Singer, is also alleged to have held several gang-raping parties at his home for investors, one victim claiming that he still operates a sex ring and has for two decades. Then there’s Garth Ancier, former president of BBC America and an ex-reporter/program associate for NBC, who supervised the production of “The Cosby Show.” He also had stints at Fox and Disney, and from 1991 to 1992, served as television consultant to the Democratic National Committee.

So now the Democrats’ slimey association with Hollywood comes into focus and the interconnection among all the components is irrefutable. Tune in as Flex digs deeper into the Dems’ shenanigans, and she names more names.

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It’s D-Day For Corrupt Dems

Despite the Durham Probe now extending into years, not months, California U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes says he’s confident that the Department of Justice will put the phony Russia collusion charges against President Trump to rest sooner than most pundits expect.

Appearing on Fox Business News with host Lou Dobbs, Nunes admitted the probe has gone on for far too long, but says the public doesn’t realize that this is a sprawling conspiracy reaching many departments, including the DNC and the Clinton campaign. “It’s actually a good thing that we’re not seeing leaks like in the Mueller witch hunt,” he says. Nunes added that he hopes to see at least an interim report from U.S. Attorney John Durham before the election that would debunk the Democrats’ Russia collusion nonsense and reveal how corrupt the process really was. Here’s more with Dobbs and Nunes.

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Big Tech All In For Biden

When Susan Molinari, a former Republican member of Congress and a current Google lobbyist, spoke at the Democratic National Convention, the message was direct and simple: Silicon Valley is on your side. And by inviting Molinari to speak, the DNC was sending a message of its own to Big Tech: If Joe Biden wins, you can keep your monopoly and extend your control over our lives.

It’s a bargain that’s been a long time in the making. There’s a reason that Biden and Kamala Harris head the Democrat Party ticket. It’s not because Democrats love them so much, it’s because they’re compliant. After shilling for corporations for decades, Biden doesn’t pose any threat to Big Tech, and no politician has used her ability more effectively than Harris in stirring racial tensions to divide the county.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson says the implications are beyond the election. “This is about how much power the tech monopolies will have.”

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AOC Freaking Out–Again

The complete arrogance of the Democrat Party’s progressive wing was in full display earlier this week, when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez absolutely freaked out. Limited to one minute on the DNC convention stage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, AOC launched a bitter, unrelenting attack on former Republican Gov. John Kasich, a Never Trumper who spoke for more than five minutes. And if that wasn’t enough, AOC challenged party icon Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the right to represent New York at the convention. Suffice it to say, she lost big time 218-34 in a delegation vote.

What does all this mean? The Democrats are at war–with each other! There is a power dynamic between the Democrat establishment and the progressive left playing out in real time, which is eating away at their unity. And this could only bode well for President Trump and Republicans come November. Here’s more from Liberal Hivemind.

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George Webb Back Online

Our most popular post of all time — Joe Biden’s Water Island Base — has now attracted more than 40,000 visitors. We posted the video in February, shortly after it was produced by journalist George Webb. Only three people saw that initial post. But every month since February, the number kept climbing, hitting a peak just after July 4, when as many as 7,000 a day checked it out.

Thus, we were shocked and dismayed when YouTube removed all of Webb’s channel, deleting every one of his videos at that time. Fortunately, a few other individuals had already re-posted Joe Biden’s Water Island Base, or else we would have nothing to present to you.

Now, we’re glad to see Webb himself is resurfacing. He has begun uploading his trove of videos onto Brighteon. Joe Biden’s Water Island Base hasn’t reappeared there, but Webb has reposted more than 25 of his videos, with new ones appearing every few hours. His channel is called GeorgeWebbReports. Check it out at:

Here’s a sample of one of the videos. This one’s called The D is for Drugs, Dyncorp and the DNC. We apologize that you cannot see a thumbnail of the video. It’s there if you check the link.

But we are still playing around with our WordPress tools to seamlessly present Brighteon videos. Once we have a few more of the details ironed out, we’ll begin sharing George Webb videos again — only from Brighteon, not YouTube.


Dems Turning On Sleepy Joe

Stumbling, bumbling Sleepy Joe Biden is in a heap of trouble–with his own party, no less! Polls are tanking and scandals are brewing around the former vice-president and the Democrat Party–especially the progressive left wing faction–isn’t going to take it anymore. A recent poll revealed that a stunning 28 percent of Democrats believed Biden will be replaced. What does that mean? A brokered convention where the party dumps Sleepy Joe for a more viable candidate. DNC Communications Director Xochitl Hinojosa pretty much confirmed this on Fox News, saying: “The convention has to happen because we are not officially nominating Joe Biden to taken on Donald Trump.” Here’s the rest of the scoop from Liberalhive.

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Tigers Vs. Tigers

President Donald Trump received a thunderous applause at the Tigers vs. Tigers NCAA college football national championship in the New Orleans Superdome. The LSU Tigers won the title and held on to their No. 1 ranking by beating back the Clemson Tigers 42-25. Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Texas, Democratic Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg hauled out Judge Judy Scheindlin in his quest to rattle Trump. Sit Patrick Mack covers these news snippets while diving into a weightier issue — child pornography in this edition of In Pursuit of Truth.

The [Deep State] feels the patriots closing in. They are now taking precautions to protect what they have done in Ukraine and Iran. This has already failed. The patriots have all the information. This was planned long ago. The [DS] is using the same tactics as before. Russia hacked into Burisma, and it just like the DNC hack. Assange is the key. The patriots have the source. The [DS] coverup plan failed before it was implemented. More from the X22 Report.

Woke sheep are fighting corruption worldwide. It certainly appears President Donald Trump is getting stronger. We are nearing a breaking point as the Globalists lose their grip. More from Lori Colley.

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We have some scary video to share of one of those mysterious white vans that’s allegedly being used to kidnap women and children all over the east coast and southern United States — and Adam Carolla puts climate change activist Jane Fonda in her place, but misses the big picture behind the hysteria: UN Agenda 2030. More from the SGTReport.

Assange: Key To DNC Hack

The [Deep State] doesn’t know which way to turn. All they can do is keep their fake agenda’s moving forward so it takes the spotlight off of their crimes. This is failing and all the pieces are being moved into place to counter all of it. It’s like a vice grip slowly closing. As it gets tighter, it exerts more and more pressure. Julian Assange is the source of the DNC hack. Soon, Assange will have his day. The [Deep State] are now getting ready to push Russia narrative again during the 2020 elections. The swamp is deep and wide. Remove/replace operation ongoing. Traitors everywhere. Moves and counter moves. More from the X22 Report.

In Pursuit of Truth put out a new video called Feddlin’ that deals specifically with the Democrats’ fiddling and meddling — feddlin’. That covers a wide gamut of vote manipulations and election subversions, as well as the suspicious death of the wife of Dr. Robert Epstein, the social scientist who testified before Congress last summer about Google practicing deceptive techniques to increase Democratic voter results. In what is not at all surprising, YouTube — a subsidiary of Google — quickly struck down that video.

We categorically oppose Google and YouTube subverting the US constitution, as well as feddlin’ with our voting processes and trampling our freedoms. This is an evil company that needs to be subjected to anti-trust scrutiny and broken up into smaller, hopefully more responsible companies. Google is not only unmanageable because of its monopolistic size. It is a politically biased outfit that needs to be spanked — and we mean spanked really hard!

From following Q, we know the Deep State is evil and corrupt. But exactly how deep does the Deep State go? Are the people awake their biggest fear? More from JustInformed Talk.

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MoarNewQ!!! MoarVoterFraud!!! D Con Exposed!!! Truth Will BTold!!! More from McAllister TV. She asks the immortal question: Does Michelle Obama still have a wang!!! Dang, Doodle!!!


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