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White House Coke: No Suspect

The U.S. Secret Service concluded its investigation into the White House cocaine scandal and they have no suspect!

The cocaine supposedly was left in a location lacking in camera surveillance. Sounds like the Secret Service, just like the FBI,  will never divulge the truth if it means hurting a corrupt, rancid, leftist, smelly Democratic administration. More from The Gateway Pundit.

The Secret Service has closed its investigation into the cocaine found at the White House, insisting that it was unable to gather enough evidence to “single out a person of interest.” But Glenn Beck is calling BS. Glenn explains from personal experience how secure the White House is and argues that there are only two options: The Secret Service and FBI either didn’t do their jobs … or the culprit is someone who doesn’t have to be searched, like a member of the First Family.

So, are these agencies incompetent or LYING to you? Either way, Glenn Beck says it’s time for Congress to take its power back …

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