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The Chinese Money Train

After years of denials and plausibly deniable payments from family, Joe Biden’s monthly checks from Hunter Biden’s Chinese business have been revealed. In other words, the President’s a liar and his son is little more than a carpetbagger. Here’s more from RedPill78.

A Disturbance In The Senate

The Democrats’ grand wizard, George Soros, detects a great disturbance in the Senate. Dumb Wars has begun with the rise of John Fetterman.

Is he the long-lost son of Joe Biden? How will Nancy Pelosi respond? Can he pass his lying lessons given by Adam Schiff?

Stay tuned. Yes, there will be more to come from the United Spot.

Roseanne Interviews Tucker

Roseanne Barr interviews Tucker Carlson on her podcast in a far-ranging conversations covering everything from the Nephilim to the lying polecats who call themselves Democrats. Tucker says he felt deeply honored by rumors of former President Donald Trump viewing him as a potential running mate.

At the same time, he rails against the bizarre state of politics these days, where the lies flow endlessly even on arcane aspects of ancient history. “They hate the truth because it’s true,” he tells Roseanne.

6,000 Years In The Making!

We’ve been running a lot of updates from Clif High this week — not only because he’s spot on, but also because he likely will go silent soon. It’s not that he’s getting censored, but he’s planning to move and has personal things he needs to do that will interfere with his video-making schedule.

Here, High brings us another look at the Khazarian Mafia and their efforts to control the whole world. These scam artists have been at it for 6,000-plus years, so they have a long track record that we can see and analyze, although they have done much to camouflage their tracks and disguise their dirty deeds.

If you want to learn more about them, just study the dictates of the World Economic Forum — one of the looniest outfits on the entire planet. Their idea of a Great Reset and all of us owning nothing  — and being happy about it — is proving a disaster. Klaus Schwab will never win a popularity contest! And he’s no bathing beauty, either!

The Fake News Is Incensed

The mouthpieces of the fake news are getting mighty pissed. As solid lie providers, they’re mad people keep turning elsewhere to get their daily quota of lies. Here’s more from Ryan Long with an assist from Danny Polishchuk.


Adam Schiff: Liar And A Fraud

Newly released tax records show that Adam Schiff doesn’t maintain a full residence in the California district from which he was elected to serve. He has a 650-square foot condo in Burbank, California, but it’s too small to house Schiff, his wife and children. Mortgage records show the family’s primary residence is actually a 3,420-square foot home he owns in Maryland, where he has lived for more than 10 years.

So much for Schiff claiming to have a legitimate right to run for the open U.S. Senate seat vacated in California by the late Dianne Feinstein. Will he continue his life as a fraud, fudging and cheating to stay ahead? Or will he ceded the primary to one of the legitimate announced contenders — U.S. Reps. Katie Porter or Barbara Lee. Here’s more from the Liberal Hivemind.

How The Left Portrays The 50s

What if we made the 50s… look BAD?? Here’s more from FreedomToons.

The Door Is Being Opened

The patriots are now showing the people the truth. The people saw the 2020 and 2022 elections. They know there was cheating.

People have seen the covid lies, the Ukraine lies, the gun control lies. Now, now they are seeing the final battle, which is war.

For those to be brought to justice, the people need to understand who the players are and who they support. All roads lead to Obama, Soros, Clinton etc.

The door is being opened. People will have the choice to know. This will be the END of the [Deep State]. More from the X22 Report.

Tucker Drops Truth Bombs

Tucker Carlson spoke in Utica, Michigan, and did what so few journalists ever do these days — he told the truth. In fact, he dropped a series of truth bombs. About time a few hardworking journalists distinguished themselves from their fake news employers.

Whether it’s Fox News or MSNBC, it no longer matters. The mainstream media  has been spreading lies and mauling, camouflaging or hiding the truth for decades upon decades.

Carlson advised his audience to keep questioning the lies that the fake news spews. Don’t give up — or relent — until these journalists begin to uphold their professional vows and honestly report the news. If they want to keep rolling  as the propagandists for the Democratic Party and other leftist institutions, give them holy Hell. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

Has Media Turned On Biden?

Is the fake news ready to turn against Joe Biden? Should we even believe anything they say, given how many blatant lies these so-called journalists have slung in recent years?

It’s quite obvious they are an attack and propaganda wing of the leftists. They have little to do with the truth. Here’s more from Steve Turley.

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