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Portal Jump Room At UCLA?

James Rink, host of Super Soldier Talk, visits Southern California to search for and investigate rumors of  a portal jump room housed at UCLA.

Rink explains that jump rooms, are quantum, entanglement, teleportation chambers that can beam you to other similar areas, such as Mars, the Moon and other off-world places, as well as other locations on our planet.

He says jump rooms are typically used by the elite and confirms there’s one south of the Los Angeles International Airport under the Boeing facility. Shockingly, Rink says, many Hilton Hotels also contain jump rooms, which are tied to the infamous Montauk Project, where certain Illuminati members can teleport quickly to perform rituals from these locations.

Join Rink as he traipses through the corridors of the UCLA building, where the jump room is allegedly located. Please used discernment when watching the video.


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