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Cal Recall Election Fix Is In

Southern California Republicans looking to vote early in the governor’s recall election received a sobering surprise. They were told their votes have already been cast!

Several concerned voters in the West San Fernando Valley said something wonky is going on, when they were turned away by poll workers. The voters were eventually given provisional ballots to vote after pleading their case.

Could the fix be in for beleaguered Gov. Gavin Newsom? The first signs of chicanery popped up last month, when a recently released inmate was found with thousands of election ballots in his car, all cast for challenger Larry Elder. KTLA TV’s Chris Wolfe, who spoke with voters, brings us more.

Wisdom Of The Elders

Millennials are rapidly gaining the reputation as the most misguided generation in recent memory. And amidst the chaos in the nation today, there doesn’t appear to be any relief in sight for these lost souls.

So media analyst and best-selling author Mark Dice hit the beaches of Southern California in search of sage advice from their elders, many of them from the Greatest Generation.

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