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Israeli Assets Tied To Epstein

Anti-Neocon Report’s Keith Knight says there’s overwhelming evidence of many Israeli assets involved with the late Jeffrey Epstein’s empire, including his white collar crime and human trafficking network.

Knight tells the Ry Dawson podcast that Israel used Epstein’s ventures as a blackmail operation, but it’s not what people think. Most think it was used to blackmail politicians, but that wasn’t their goal. “They already had the politicians through bribes and the normal routes,” he says. “What they were really aiming at was U.S. science and technology.”

Knight rolls out the details, plus explains how Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell came to be intelligence assets, how organized crime in the U.S. was a precursor to the rise of the state of Israel, the connection of former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who died last week, to Epstein’s Zorro Ranch, and more.

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