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Alliance Thwarts Infiltration

ICONS2020’s Sarge reveals never-released intel that the Alliance was infiltrated earlier this year, prompting a highly-classified meeting and plenty of finger-pointing.

Sarge says the top hierarchy of the Alliance were called to a meeting at an unknown location in late May to discuss operational strategies and coordination. He says there were heated exchanges over lagging operations in the final stage of the Great Awakening and fingers were being pointed at the European contingent and Western leaders for dragging their feet.

“I was told there was major infiltration at the highest level of the Western command that was the problem,” Sarge says. “But since then, they have identified and rectified it and cleaned it up.” Sarge says the Alliance also discovered there was a major disruption by enemy combatants in Middle Earth–which was responsible for the disaster in Hawaii–that needed to be cleaned out.

Sarge welcomes starseed warrior, Heidi, to the podcast to dissect the turn of events and discuss the threat of Inner Earth.

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