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Solar Flares Controlled!

New Christian 21 Update! Solar flares controlled! Ether-free energy stopped after WW2! Med-Bed centers! Inner Earth! Men In Black! Queen and Bush! The Frequency Fence explained! Heart consciousness! More from McAllister TV.

Where’s John Durham?!?

News update! Where’s Durham? Christian 21! Corona mass ejections! Med-Beds being built right under our noses! Swift financial changeover coming! Stock market is being fabricated by the White House! Three gateways to Inner Earth opened! Joe Biden is (was) the Devil! More from McAllister TV.

Gene Decode–Inner Earth

Gene Decode tells Tom Bushnell, aka Tom Numbers, the rabbit hole that is inner earth is more expansive and complicated than was publicly known.

Decode adds that for the first time in history, the inner earth groups are now actually helping us on the surface, instead of arriving after disasters to kick-start civilizations like they did in the past. “Now, they’re being proactive, instead of reactive, and helping with the tunnels and the DUMBS, because they’ve realized we’re all on the same planet–they’re in it, we’re on it.” Here’s more of Decode’s of fascinating intel., including updates on Ukraine and the DUMBS.

A Journey To Inner Earth

Are the many stories of Inner Earth real, or just more science fiction mumbo jumbo? California resident Lowell Johnson tells vlogger Dani Henderson that it’s definitely real and he’s been there and back.

Johnson recounts his July 2020 solo hike on Mount Shasta and claims the mountain literally opened up to a solid doorway, where he was greeted by an 8-foot Lemurian man named Alex. Johnson says that Alex proceeded to take him on the “journey of his life” through a whole new world. Here’s his story and, as always, judge the material for yourself.


Into The Unknown

McAllister TV explores a wide variety of early-day flying saucers and human encounters with aliens. Are these creatures from outer space or from inner Earth? We don’t exactly know, but let’s venture off Into The Unknown with your hostess with the mostest: Linda Paris.

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