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Secret Illuminati Bloodline II

Here is Part II of The Secret Illuminati Bloodlines, a conversation between deep researcher Duppy and RedPill78. Here, we learn how the ancient Egypto-Phoenician families moved into Europe via the Roman emperor Constantine.

We see not only how these families moved into France (Gaul) and Germany, but also into Wales and the balance of Great Britain. Besides family lineages, we come to understand more fully the various symbols attached to these families, like the dragon and the blackrock.

It’s a long program — more than three hours — but one you can watch in pieces as your free time permits. Also, we have added Part 1 — another three-hour program — below, so you can refer back and forth easily between the two.

Redpill78 plans to invite Duppy for some followup programs, and we will be sure to add them as they become available.

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