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Great Reset Power Shift

Josh Sigurdson reports on Deutsche Bank, once one of the largest banks in the world, warning of a massive recession in the face of large inflation numbers and potential conflict, supply-chain breakdown, stock market crash, printing and more.

In this edition of World Alternative Media, Sigurdson discusses how the United States and Germany are bracing for record inflation numbers that will force their hand in a global currency power shift.

Why We Fight: Part II

In the second installment to the Why We Fight series, Black Pigeon Speaks once again looks back on World War II. Only here, he’s exploring the legacy of the United States and its fight against Adolf Hitler. The title of this video installment: The U.S. Vs. The Evildoers.

Forced Jabs For Everyone!

World Alternative Media reports the White House has announced a second Covid-19 summit, along with several other nations, to further its plan to forcibly vaccinate everyone, everywhere.

Due to the apparent failures of the vaccines previously, the summit aims to leverage their plan by going after your money by imposing social-credit restrictions. Host Josh Sigurdson welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the sinister plan.

Alarming German Crime Stats

Diversity such a strength! More from Paul Joseph Watson.

Meanwhile, in France, there’s a Presidential election with the first round Sunday, and Marine Le Pen could upstage current President Emmanuel Macron. It’s populism vs. globalism. On Sunday, both Le Pen and Macron advanced to the runoff election, scheduled for two weeks from now: April 24. More, again, from Paul Joseph Watson.

Putin Is Exposing It All

Harley Schlanger is a historian and national spokesman. He has been covering the financial industry since the 80s. You can now follow Harley at The LaRouche Organization.

Harley begins the conversation talking about how Germany is struggling with an energy crisis and the people might see a blackout. The Ukraine war is not what the media is broadcasting, Putin is in full control.

Putin is exposing it all and the [Deep State] is panicking. The [Deep State] is trapped and the the economic system is being transitioned into a new system. More from the X22 Report Spotlight.

What’s The Deal In Ukraine?

Is the war in Ukraine a deal between Putin and Zelensky? RedPill78 explains, saying the Ukrainian crisis may be deeper, and much better, than we know. Also in this video: MSM lies and JR Majewski’s new campaign ad, rounding out with a German Insurance company starts asking questions about covid jabs.

John Mark Dugan, an American living in Russia, joins me to discuss the Ukraine intervention, Bioweapons labs and the simmering tensions that led to what we see today. Here’s a second followup report from RedPill78.

Here, Steve Turley discusses the conflicts involving Donetsk and Lugansk at the center of Russia’s dispute with Ukraine. He says there are conflicting reports on the extent of the war, so it will take a week or more before we can see what has happened. But he believes the liberal Globalist Order is now collapsing.

Voyage To The Inner World

The Smoky God Or A Voyage to the Inner World is a book presented as a true account. It was written by Willis George Emerson in 1908 and describes the adventures of Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian sailor who sailed with his father through an entrance to the Earth’s interior at the North Pole. More from Robert Sepehr, author and anthropologist.

Another Biden Disaster

The disasters just keep on coming for President Biden. Woke Societies reports the latest debacle came during a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Turns out a frenzied Biden told Zelensky the city of Kiev was about to be sacked by Russian invaders, once the ground froze and tanks were able to roll in. Zelensky shot back, telling Biden that was not happening and he needed to calm down. He said Kiev has been around for 500 years and they didn’t need Americans telling them what to do and exacerbating the situation.

Zelensky then shocked Biden by revealing that Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France had already engaged in peace talks and have agreed to a cease fire. Although the mainstream media conveniently sidestepped the story, Jack Posobiec, of Real America’s Voice, confirmed that he, along with CNN, Buzzfeed and Axios, all reported on the botched phone call. Here’s more with Woke Societies.

Tetris From Atop Skyscraper

Tetris bar lets you play the classic game 14 stories high. The rooftop bar is in Germany. More from the New York Post.

Woo Dough

Clif High says we are in the final stages of a worldwide collapse orchestrated by the globalists with their Chinese Communist allies. The people’s overthrow of the government of Kazakhstan will set the stage for similar upheavals across the globe.

Within a month or two, look for major European nations, possibly Germany or France, to fall. If so, the extent of the damage will be so severe that Canada and the United States also will be likely to topple.  We could have a few weeks grace time after the demise of European countries, but we will not be able to withstand the chaos or the massive hyperinflation.

Here, High discusses how best to prepare. He recommends people invest in alternative staples that might survive or keep pace with the hyperinflation, including gold, silver and cryptocurrencies. The trick: We must all become more resourceful and learn to make dough in these tough woo times.

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