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Blackrock ‘Wokified’ America

Woke companies like Blackrock are trying to push America to de-emphasize fossil fuels and move toward a “green” economy. Time to stick it to these geeks. More from Mr. Reagan.

Who Is Blackrock?

Cube is the representation of Saturn. And Saturn is Lord of the underworld 🕋🪐, More from Free Your Mind.

Rigged Housing Market Collapse

The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott joins World Alternative Media host Josh Sigurdson to analyze the continuing signs of a complete housing market crash, which they believe is a controlled collapse.

Sigurdson says the moratoriums that expired in early 2020 gave the government free reign to give out free homes in compliance with Agenda 2030, in order to fix the problems government created in the first place. Along with the supply chain collapse, leading to food rationing, people would not own their property and be happy. That’s the agenda now being put forth by investment management firms Blackrock, Blackstone and Vanguard, as they scarf up land and real estate. Here’s more with Sigurdson and Picciott.

The Housing Market Collapse

Josh Sigurdson reports that historic drops in mortgage demand–the lowest in 22 years–coupled with housing-inventory rises for the first time sine 2019, signals the Deep State’s Great Reset is right on course.

“It’s been so manipulated, it’s been so taken over by BlackRock and other similar companies. We’re looking, basically, at a housing Armageddon coming soon,” Sigurdson says. He welcomes The Liberty Advisor’s Tim Picciott to discuss the dire news.

Bad Guys Plan To Gut Economy

Christian Patriot News (CPN) says the world is waking up to just how corrupt the CIA, FBI and DOJ are. “We’re seeing the corrupt collusion between the Democrat Party and the fake news media,” he says. “Remember, the fake news, along with their Big Tech partners, are the propaganda arm of the D-Party.”

In this edition, CPN features a clip from former Blackrock portfolio manager Ed Dowd, who tells Real America News of the purposeful collapse of the American economy, the subsequent new money system for the country and how the Monkeypox virus is a design for all the chaos. He also warns of another lockdown right before the 2022 midterm elections and more.

Rats Turning On Each Other

John Durham’s probe into the origins of the Russiagate hoax is heating up. Thanks to a new filing, we have access to some key intel. Namely, certain participants in the hoax have been granted immunity to testify against the guilty! More from RedPill78.

Here, we give you a double-shot of RedPill78, as he offers a second report for the day that’s just as important and as critical. It’s a look at how a series of poorly timed events — ranging from the Ukraine War to the Biden administration’s boycott of Russian goods — are leading to disastrous shortages in fertilizers, grains, meats and fuels.

Compounding the problem: The CIA-backed, Deep State, Wall Street outfits like Vanguard and Blackwater are manipulating transport lines and companies to make the shortages even worse. Get ready for a massive recession that could well descend into a full-blown Depression.


Rage On Behalf Of The Regime

Shilling in the name of. More from Paul Joseph Watson.

But there is good news on the horizon. More celebrities, even some in Hollywood, are beginning to speak out against Neil Young and his senile band of fascists. Here, Lauren Chen discusses this emerging backlash, involving individuals as diverse as Elon Musk and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Will all of these individuals become conservative idols? Doubtful. But at least they are calling for an end to the wanton “wokeism” and “cancel culture” that the Left wants us all to endure.

Blackrock Pushes Woke Baloney

Why are so many corporations fully invested in the woke culture? It has to do with the asset management company Blackrock and its CEO Larry Fink.

Blackrock manages nearly $10 trillion in asset investments on Wall Street. To put that into perspective, the company controls more than the entirety of the British and French governmental budgets.

Fink has made it clear: Corporations that want to tap into Blackrock’s resources must follow rigid social justice guidelines. So even if these woke notions are manufactured and creating a caustic cultural war, the companies are pressing ahead.

They are caught between a rock and a hard place, more precisely, a blazenly hot place. They do not want to find themselves outside Larry Fink’s circle of friends. More from Black Pigeon Speaks.

Who Is Trump Fighting?

Here is an hour-long documentary where you will learn just how insidious are the globalists and their drive to beat down all individuals and nations, forming a New World Order. It’s not only corrupt politicians pushing these notions, the schemers and scammers like Bill Clinton, George Soros and Klaus Schwab.

Also working behind the scenes to ensure the success of this drive are the world’s wealthiest families, and all of the interlocking corporations, foundations, non-profits and government agencies that these figures control. Some you know quite well — say, Disney or the United Nations — while others operate secretly and silently, behind the scenes, stealing away your freedoms and soon perhaps all that you own.

Don’t look for the mainstream media to present any truths about these villains. The media is owned, bought and paid for by the same sinister bunch.

You won’t grasp the full picture, even after an hour-long summary, but you will begin to understand why we must fight — and fight hard — to block and whip these fiends. The film, called Monopoly: Who Owns The World?, is made by Tim Gielen. More from bluewater.



The Masks Begin To Fall

Accidentally…how a market in China has infected an entire planet. Learn more about the Wuhan connections of Anthony Fauci, George Soros and Bill Gates, as well as companies including Pfizer, Blackrock and Vanguard. The snakes are coming out! The masks are beginning to fall! More from bluewater.

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