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Pine Gap UFO File

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt discloses UFO File secrets revealed through his research into Pine Gap. The satellite surveillance base, in Australia, is operated by that nation along with the United States.

Liszt gets into the mysterious case surrounding Australian pilot Frederick Valentich, who reported being pursued by an unidentified flying object on Oct. 21, 1978 before vanishing altogether. At the time, Valentich was flying over Bass Strait south of Melbourne, Australia. No traces of his Cessna light aircraft were ever found. Also discussed: The Melbourne UFO sighting by Kelly Cahill in 1993.

Also, Liszt discusses Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his decision to run independently for President in 2024. Kennedy had been attempting to launch a bid through the Democratic Party, but the Democratic National Committee began manipulating party rules to give Kennedy’s support in Iowa and New Hampshire to the corrupt Joe Biden.

As a consequence, Kennedy now plans to announce an independent run, reportedly Oct. 9 in Pennsylvania. It’s not clear yet which party Kennedy will run alongside. The Dark Journalist believes Kennedy will announce as the Libertarian hopeful.

Liberal Hivemind confirms Robert F. Kennedy Jr. met with the Libertarian Party’s chair Angela McArdle in a July visit to Memphis, Tennessee. If Kennedy enters the race, he plans to vigorously attack the Democratic National Committee for its lopsided election rules.

Liberal Hivemind says liberals who are dissatisfied with the Democrats will respond to such a campaign, but he doubts many Republicans will do so. The net result: Looming defeat for Joe Biden. Go back to your basement, you sinister skunk!

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