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We Want George Bush!?!?

A Democratic member of the U.S. House, reacting to the Republican morass over electing a new House Speaker, has floated an unusual candidate for the job — former President George W. Bush. The recommendation came from U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman, a member of the House delegation from California.

We’re not sure if Sherman is just having some fun tweaking the GOP and especially those advocating Donald Trump as House Speaker. But, no, we do not want George W. Bush back in government in any capacity! Here’s more from Kim Iversen.

Meanwhile, House members again cast a vote for Speaker, and once again rejected Jim Jordan, R-Ohio. This time, 22 so-called Republicans exposed themselves as actual RINO turncoats.

The most obnoxious and corrupt of these rejects undoubtedly are Ken Buck, R-Colorado, and Carlos Gimenez, R-Florida, but all 22 of them should be cast aside in coming years. They are worthless reprobates, and do not represent the will of Republican voters.

At bottom (appropriately), we run headshots of all 22 of these dirty and corrupt individuals masquerading as Republicans. If you want to register your opinions about their intransigence, call Congress at 202-224-3121. Here’s more from RedPill78.


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