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Jordan: Border Crisis Deliberate

U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan is ripping the Biden Administration’s handling of the southern border crisis, calling the overwhelming influx of illegal immigrants intentional. He says the numbers have steadily risen since March, except for a slight dip in August. “The only conclusion that any rational person can reach is this is deliberate, this is intentional.”

Jordan added that the public is fed up and is looking for more leadership from President Biden and VP Harris, because the White House is not willing to employ the policies that work. So how do we solve the problem: “You have to go back to the policies that work,” Jordan says. “You don’t have to call them Trump’s policies. You have to send a message.” Here’s more with Jordan and Fox News anchor Sandra Smith.

Dr. Fauci Sidesteps Liberty

In a stunning and heated COVID-19 pandemic exchange on the House floor, Dr. Anthony Fauci conveniently sidestepped the Bill of Rights, sternly telling U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, “I don’t look at this as a liberty thing. I look at it as a public health thing,” he said. To which Jordan responded, “You think the Constitution is suspended during a pandemic? It’s certainly not.”

The unpleasant discourse exploded following Jordan’s simple question: “When do Americans get their freedom back?” When Fauci failed to answer adequately, an infuriated Jordan continued to address the litany of assaults on our freedoms and liberty during the pandemic, now in its second year, from Draconian lockdowns and stay-at-home orders to senseless mandates regarding masks and vaccinations. Fauci, of course, danced around the issue with the usual Deep State rhetoric. Here’s more of the clash on Purple Soul.

Trump’s Firm Body Language

If President Donald Trump does run for the White House again in 2024, who will be his vice presidential partner? It appears one of those receiving some early testing for the job is U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio. Jordan spoke at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference, just ahead of Trump over the weekend in Orlando, Florida.

Here, Bombard’s Body Language analyzes both Trump’s speech and the address by Jordan. Her assessment: Both of these are confident men. Trump’s spirit is not broken. He’s ready to barrel ahead. Jordan also seems comfortable and fearless. Like Trump, he isn’t afraid to go off script. These are two men who aren’t cowering to the minions of cancel culture.

Trump Acquittal Inevitable

It sounds like people across the political spectrum admit and concede that next week’s sham impeachment trial of President Trump will ultimately end in an acquittal, but the corrupt Democrat Party, with the aid of the mainstream media, is proceeding with the show only to gain political points.

Rep. Jim Jordan tells Fox News’ Shannon Bream that the Democrats are obsessed with destroying Trump and have been since he took office, but their tactics are doomed for failure. “They’re not going to prevail, because there are strong arguments for the President,” Jordan says. He points to the Constitutional argument that you can’t remove a President that’s already gone, as evidenced by Chief Justice John Roberts’ refusal to preside over the trial because Trump has already left office. Then there’s the question of due process: there were no depositions, no witnesses, no hearings, no cross examinations. In other words, case closed.

Jordan and Bream also discuss the growing concern for the GOP over Rep. Liz Cheney’s impeachment vote and the Democrats’ attempt to censor Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and remove her from committee assignments over what they deem “disturbing” social media posts.

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Yovanovitch Knew Of Burisma

It’s looks like one of the Democrat Party’s star witnesses in the sham impeachment trial of President Trump knew all along of the corruption surrounding Burisma. Martin Brodel reports that former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, may have been shading the truth about the gas company’s underhanded dealings with Hunter Biden and the Biden Crime Family. Says Brodel, “Of course she knew, they all knew. Are you kidding?”

Brodel spices his daily report with a rant against wearing masks, tees off on the mainstream media for their Swalwell coverage and updates news on election fraud.

What’s FBI Director Hiding?

Christopher Wray’s FBI has finally released its 2017 summary interview of Christopher Steele, author of the phony dossier regarding Russian collusion by the Trump Administration and sub-contractor in the Hillary Clinton campaign. Only problem is, with the exception of the first paragraph, the remaining 26 pages of the document are redacted.

Political pundit Sean Davis, among those breaking the news on Twitter, says there is no reason for the redaction unless the FBI has something very serious to hide. Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan was quick to respond, saying, “I just think this is consistent with the way Chris Wray has been ever since he’s been FBI director. We never seem to get the information. Chris Wray told us the FISA process was fine.” Jordan adds that just a few weeks after Wray made the statement in front of the House Judiciary Committee, Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report on the FISA process, saying every single FISA application had major problems.

Appearing on Newsmax, Jordan also weighs in on the voter fraud fiasco gripping the nation and the rift between Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and President Donald Trump.

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The Trap Was Set in 2018

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media/[Central Bankers] have been set up. Trump set the trap back in 2018 with his Executive Order. Now, the evidence is pouring out. The people will be shown the truth, that their vote was controlled. It will blow peoples’ minds. The social media/Mainstream media who knowingly participated with foreign countries are about to pay the price. How do you bring the entire diseased corrupt temple on top of them? You use the truth and transparency and you show the world. Trump is countering the Mainstream Media with the vaccine, planned from the beginning. More from the X22 Report.

Over the weekend, Sidney Powell and Louie Gohmert made waves with talk of a Spanish company, Scytl, potentionally being raided by Special Operators. But, what if we got the story wrong and it was actually one of our OWN Intel Agencies that got raided??? We have an update from Jim Jordan on the Durham investigation. Everybody can cool their jets. We’re doing fine. Sidney gives us another beautiful sound byte on the state of the fraud. We learn more from CodeMonkeyZ about the fraud from Dominion and more about Eric Coomer, the Antifa VP at Dominion, and it looks like Michigan Gov. Gretchen Half Whitmer is getting impeached. Let’s keep that train moving and impeach the rest of the Demonrat Governors who tried to kill their states! More from RedPill78.

Kraken surprise! Patriot Democrats and ex-CIA will help save the Republic! More on Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani from the Black Conservative Patriot.

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Investigative journalist Maryam Henein joins the SGTReport to blow the whistle on the Deep State and their wholly owned mockingbird corporate mainstream media. If Sidney Powell and Lin Wood are right, a lot of people are going to go to jail for this treason, and many of those folks should include faces you know and regularly see on TV.

Dems Want To Change The Rules

The Democrats have truly skipped off the rails, morphing into a bizarre party we’ve never seen the likes of in, well, maybe ever! Pouting, shouting and kicking every which way like a bunch of spoiled children, they are backed into the proverbial corner. Why? Because they are losing and want to change the rules.

Still simmering from their monumental defeat in the 2016 presidential election and facing the prospect of President Trump’s third conservative appointment to the Supreme Court, the Democrats are searching for every measure to undercut American institutions, such as banning the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court with liberal jurists. Only one problem. You have to win an election first.

Says Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, “The Democrats are threatening the American people. They want to change the rules, they want to do all kinds of crazy things, because they’re not winning elections. And I don’t think they’re going to win on November 3, either.” Here’s more with Jordan and Fox Business Network anchor Elizabeth MacDonald.

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More Russia Probe Corruption

The latest batch of FBI emails obtained by Judicial Watch reveal the Trump-Russia collusion probe is worse than we thought. Remember when House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff saturated the mainstream media airwaves, claiming Trump was a Russian asset? And he did so even though the FBI had not closed the case and had no clear evidence of the charge.

In a stunning revelation, emails released by Judicial Watch show that the FBI and NSA provided Schiff with secret documents in the case before the probe was concluded. Not exactly on the up-and-up. Says Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, “All this shows you is two things. One, how committed The Swamp was to try to take out President Trump. The other thing it shows, the only thing we got wrong is it was much worse than we thought.”  Jordan elaborates further with Fox Business News’ Elizabeth Macdonald.

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Gov. Kasich A Sore Loser

Former Ohio Gov. John Kasich, a candidate in the 2016 GOP presidential primary, was front and center on Day 1 of the Democrat National Convention. And this didn’t sit well with fellow Republican and U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, also from Ohio. “John Kasich has been a sore loser ever since he lost in ’16, when he was forcing a three-way race,” Jordan says. “He didn’t even show up at the (RNC) convention, in our state in Cleveland, Ohio, instead did some party across the street at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.”

Landing a major speaking role at the virtual DNC Convention, Kasich pushed for solutions to our country’s problems and urged Republicans to consider what he called the moderate ticket of Biden and Harris. Not to mention that both nominees are far from moderate, already in line with medicare for all, confiscating every American’s firearms and defunding the police, among other radical policies.

Jordan, appearing on Fox & Friends, also gives his take on the COVID-19 pandemic, mail-in voting and the John Durham probe.

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