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Lunatics Never Look Up!

Clif High returns with a wild, but also quite intriguing video exploring the idea that the moon is an artificial satellite, put into place a quarter million years ago or so, to serve as a post for observing humans.

High believes space aliens live on the moon. Perhaps they are Reptilian creatures as David Icke has postulated, but High isn’t certain about their concrete form. But he does believe they can toy around with our emotions and energies, causing us to act up and become more violent. They can also wreak havoc with the weather and tides on the Earth.

Archaeological evidence from truly ancient human settlements, located in India’s Harappan Valley, show people  lived without war toys. These settlements predated the moon’s arrival.

Where did this satellite come from? Who occupies it? Do they live inside hollows or do they use camouflage to render us unable to see their dwellings? High raises these questions, but doesn’t give pat answers. He does believe the moon will factor heavily in “vast quantities of chaos” looming ahead over the next year. This video is the latest installment in High’s Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World.

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