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Food Shortages Intensify

Josh Sigurdson reports that the supply chain crisis is intensifying, as the Deep State marches forward with their plan to usher in the Great Reset.

Sigurdson says India, the world’s largest rice exporter, warns of an output crisis, France is facing massive milk shortages and the state of Nebraska’s corn yield has dropped dramatically. “And imagine this,” Sigurdson says. “The establishment just happens to have a replacement system ready to go.” He breaks down the technocratic government approach in this episode of World Alternative Media.

Fluffy Loves India

Iconic comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias strolls into the lighter side of life with his newfound admiration of India, especially because of its unique similarity to Mexico. Video courtesy of Gabriel Iglesias channel.

Ukraine Weapon Trafficking

Weapons marked for the Ukraine are instead being diverted around the world as the CIA attempts to foment trouble.

Here, Michael Jaco, a former CIA officer, explains how bad hats within the agency have been playing dirty games. A plane that crashed in Serbia apparently was carrying weapons that the CIA wanted to use in Bangladesh. Why Bangladesh?

Does this have anything to do with India no longer using American dollars but instead going along with Russia and China? What about Sri Lanka? Did the CIA instigate that dustup as well? Jaco discusses the various options with Nicholas Veniamin.

The Worldwide Revolt is really picking up steam and spreading like wildfire around the world. Canada’s Farmers are preparing themselves as we speak, uniting with truckers and patriots. They’re getting ready for the FINAL STAND.

The covid slave mask’s true purpose is far more sinister than most people know. Watch to learn the true effect that wearing a mask for 2-years will most certainly have. It’s insidious, and the consequences of mask wearing are now starting to become evident. More from the SonOfEnos.

The Truth Is Spreading

The [Deep State] is trapped in their own agenda. They know they cannot control the narrative. The agenda is falling apart. The people are questioning everything they do. The precipice is meant to wake those people up who are in a deep sleep. A scare event will be necessary to snap them out of it.

What will the scare event be? WAR, will we go to war? No. The corrupt politicians are pushing everything they have and now the people can see this very clearly.

Trump readies the replacements. The [Deep State] will be so desperate that they will push a communication blackout, but this will not stop the patriots. Countermeasures are in place. Buckle up. The ride is about to get really bumpy. More from the X22 Report.

The death cult’s insane policies are creating the perfect storm, which will destroy them in November with a red wave at the ballot box that will remind people of the red wedding in Game of Thrones. Bob Kudla is back to discuss. More from the SGTReport.


The Masters Of The Universe

This week I share a video made by the old Mud Flood Channel on the topic of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Finally I touch on Old World India, Vimanas, and a “How to Make Pet Food Bonus”. I hope you enjoy! More from Jon Levi.

Has WWIII Been Declared?

Josh Sigurdson reports on the essential declaration of war between Russia, China, Israel and India against the United States, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Britain and NATO!

Sourcing the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail, Sigurdson says Finland, Poland and several other countries may well be in a world of hurt in light of the push by the Cabal for global war in its march toward the Great Reset. Here’s his report.

Russia Flips To The East

Blocked out by the United States and NATO, Russia is now flipping to the East, cutting new deals with Communist China and India. Will Russia not only survive the NATO embargo, but become much stronger in the aftermath? Let’s consider the possibilities. More from Steve Turley.

Trudeau’s Covid Aid Scandal

News report in India underscore a vast covid aid scandal across Canada, involving Justin Trudeau. Meanwhile, an entire generation of children have been traumatized. How can evil people get away with this? It is time for patriots to fight back and bring down those who are evil. Pray! More from And We Know.

In Toronto, Freedom Convoy supporters marched. They filled the streets to express their disapproval of Justin Trudeau and his fascist government. More from Steve Turley.

Ancient Flying Machines Real

The Everything Inside Me (EIM) channel sources a video by James W. Lee, revealing there was ample evidence of flying machines in ancient India long before the invention of the Wright Brothers.

There is detailed descriptions in ancient Hindu literature of flying machines carrying people from one place to another to conduct wars or participate in religious ceremonies. The two major Sanskrit epics–the Ramayana and Majabharata–mention the use of vimanas, or special aerial devices in ancient times. Here’s the rest of this fascinating story from EIM.

Third Fed Member Resigns

Another member of the Federal Reserve Board is stepping down, the third high-ranking official to exit in the last 45 days. Randal Quarles, vice-chair of the board, follows Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan and Boston Fed President Eric Rosengren, who resigned last month.

Tru News speculates the surprising exodus is linked to members being outed for suspicious trading in their own portfolios, while crafting U.S. monetary policy decisions. So what’s going on? Riss Flex digs deeper into the details and also reports on world leaders waking up to the deliberate threat of bioweapons.

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