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They’re On The Highway To Hell

The RINOs in the U.S. House who sandbagged Jim Jordan’s Speaker bid got their marching orders the night before at the Capital Grille. That’s an upscale steakhouse along Pennsylvania Avenue, owned by the Darden brothers.

Veteran reporter Bill Still says that’s where the backstabbers met with lobbyists while accepting whatever graft they got for their dirty business. They didn’t use telephones or the Internet to work these deals. That would leave them open to prosecution for bribery and malfeasance.

Of course, it’s doubtful FBI would ever arrest any of these RINOS or the leftist Democrats. Christopher Wray’s FBI, as part of Joe Biden’s Police State, primarily harasses MAGA politicians.

Still doesn’t identify any of the RINO crooks by name. That’s a mistake if you ask us. In the weeks and months to come, these RINOs must all be put on the spot. Let them blow up and get mad! They are crooks, the same as the dirty Democrats, and it’s high time they paid the price for their crimes. Here’s more from Still.

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