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Trump Takes The Stand

Explosive day in Court after Judge Arthur Engoran ordered President Trump to the stand to explain his comments to the AP. After Alina Habba got convicted perjurer Michael Cohen to admit he is a convicted perjurer, Engoran denied Trump’s motion for a Directed Verdict. Trump’s reaction to the ruling left the courtroom in gasps.

Trump’s defense filed a 34-page Motion to Dismiss his January 6th prosecution, alleging massive defects in Jack Smith’s indictment under U.S. law. We review the filing, which argues that Biden’s DOJ has illegally perverted the U.S. Code to indict their top political opponent.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has already released his plan for the immediate future under his gavel. We review the document that was circulated amongst members prior to Johnson’s election and hear reaction from President Trump and others. Here’s more from Robert Gouveia on Watching The Watchers.

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