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Did Patriots Take Full Control?

The [Deep State] fell right into the election rigging trap. Trump has caught them over and over.

The patriots are taking control over the ability to fund and defund certain programs in government by using the appropriations committee.

Trump sends a message regarding election interference. The 1st marker was hit on Nov 3rd. All systems are now a go. More from the X22 Report.

Hillary, Schiff On The Defensive

There is panic in Washington DC.  [Hillary Rodham Clinton]/[Adam Schiff] are now defending themselves.  [HRC] is saying that if Trump wins, democracy will be destroyed. Translation: Their system will cease to exist.

The people are now seeing who the criminals are and that FISA was the start of all of it.

This will lead into the election interference, which is really the insurrection. Trump is leading the [Deep State] down a path and retribution is coming. More from the X22 Report.

The Durham Nothing Burger

The Durham Report reveals systemic FBI criminal corruption and interference just to get Trump. Too bad the report will lead nowhere, no indictments nor arrests.

In short, within 36 hours, this nothing burger will be forgotten. John Durham has now been shown to have no more fighting power than Bill Barr. More from Lionel Nation.

Special Counsel John Durham’s report on the Trump-Russia probe says the investigation never should have been launched. Here, Mr. Reagan examines Rachel Maddow’s insane reaction to the report, so you don’t have to watch the wretched MSNBC.

House Dropping The Moab

The [Deep State] is being brought into a trap. The House is now providing evidence against Biden.

The Department of Justice will now have to make a choice and no matter what choice they make, they lose. If they investigate Biden and don’t find him guilty, they lose. If they investigate and find him guilty, they lose. If they do nothing, they lose.

The [Deep State] is pushing lawsuit after lawsuit and they are now gagging Trump. He will not be able to speak out during an election year. Election interference is at a level never seen before.More from the X22 Report.

Destroyed One Truth At A Time

The [Deep State] empire is now being exposed and destroyed one truth at a time. The evidence is coming out that Biden and the [Deep State] pushed to conceal [Hunter Biden] laptop, which interfered in the elections.

The future is now proving the past. The people are seeing those who tell lies and those who tell the truth.  With the truth continually being released, the only route for the [Deep State] is war to try to cover all of this up. The patriots are counting on this and this is exactly where the [Deep State] is bringing us. More from the X22 Report.

If CNN Existed 2000 Years Ago

Always on the right side of history (TM). More from FreedomToons.

Biden Just Received Death Blow!

The [Deep State] are continually committing crimes. They are not following the rule of law because they are in the desperate phase. They know if they don’t remove Trump, it is game over. Trump and the patriots know this and they want them to walk down this path. The more they do proves that they interfered in the election.

Joe Biden just received another death blow. Documents report that he was involved in the raid of Mar-a-Lago. When you look at the 40,000ft view, the people can see the election interference very clearly. More from the X22 Report.

[Deep State] Pushing Chaos

The [Deep State] is panicking. They have lost control of their system. Everything they set up from the beginning is now gone.

The [Deep State] is still following the 16-year-plan and the latest mass shooting backfired on them. Now, they are shifting gears. They want control over all information and they are making the trans community angry by saying it is MAGA’s fault.

The [Deep State] will push chaos and try to push civil war. This will fail. Then they will push war by using nuclear weapons. The peacemaker will step in and the world will shift. More from the X22 Report.

False Flag Shooting

False flag shooting. CIA reporters. How the Clintons staged a Nashville event just a few weeks ago. Demonic plans. The battle is real. Patriots are picking up spiritual stones to defeat the Goliaths! Pray! More from And We Know.

Fraudulent Political Donations

The O’Keefe Media Group, James O’Keefe’s new investigative group, has uncovered a potentially vast pool of money laundering related to campaign and election fraud.  The group found a series of senior citizens who federal records show donating thousands of times to political candidates or to ActBlue, which takes political donations for leftist causes.

O’Keefe visits the listed donors, and finds the vast majority of them hadn’t contributed anywhere near the stated levels. A few of the seniors practically belted or insulted O’Keefe. Fascinating street theater!

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