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U.S. Was In On Israel Attack!

Kerry Cassidy says reports of the Oct. 7 attack on Israel is more sinister than the public realizes, including the stunning revelation that the United States and all Arab countries preplanned the event!

Appearing on “Nino’s Corner,” with host David “Nino” Rodriguez, Cassidy confirmed earlier reports by alternative media that the recent attack and chaos in the Middle East was actually the enforcement of an elaborate plan to remove the Jewish population from northern Israel to make way for the Ben Gurion canal project, a sort of second Suez Canal agenda.

Not surprisingly, the CIA-controlled, corrupt mainstream media is reporting nonsense, including their narrative that 1,400 Jewish civilians were killed in early attacks, when, in fact, 700 of the victims were members of the Israeli military. Truth is, Cassidy says, this is a forced movement of the people from northern to southern Gaza, and into Egypt.

“The Americans are in on it, all the Arab countries are in on it,” Cassidy says. “In essence, they were planning this behind the backs of the Palestinians, then  using the Palestinians in Hamas as the trigger point to go attack Israel.” More details from Cassidy and Rodriguez and please judge the material for yourself.

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