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Will Trump Return Before ’24?

With patriots clamoring for the endgame and the recapture of our country, Juan O. Savin warns that less than a dozen people truly know what the plan is.

“If you don’t see what we’re going through now is war, you’re not paying attention,” Savin says. He added that the outcome will be grand theater, an amazing show. It’s about who gets to control the presidency. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, including guest Delora O’Brien, who bluntly asks Juan whether President Trump will be back before the 2024 Presidential election. Tune in to hear his answer.

Georgia Whistleblower Emerges

Mel K joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast with breaking news on the 2020 Presidential election voter fraud. She confirms that a whistleblower has come forward in Georgia, admitting he pocketed $40,000 harvesting ballots. Meanwhile, in Arizona, election officials admitted that hundreds of ballots were counted twice!

“That right there should nullify the entire election,” an irate Rodriguez says. “It’s go-time in my opinion. We can’t wait any longer.” Mel K and Rodriguez bring us more details and analysis on how to take our country back.


Savin: We’re In Warped Reality

Juan O. Savin joins the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast to lay down his vision on the state of the union–what we can expect from the patriots and what evil the Deep State has in store.

Savin bluntly asserts that we are being brainwashed as a society–what exists, why, who’s in control. He says we are in an MK Ultra-type of warped reality. “So in this societal state that we’re in, our connection with reality has been twisted by the sources of information that we have,” he says. Here’s his take on the coming months, including how interpreting the Jan. 6 siege on Capitol Hill is key.

Savin: Steele Killed By Feds

In a couple of end-of-the-year stunners, Juan O. Savin says David Robert Steele was killed by the federal government, and Timothy McVeigh, of Oklahoma City bombing fame, was not part of a radical militia group, but a member of the U.S. military!

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Savin says it’s not about going after criminals for the federal government anymore, it’s about fabricating things over and over. He labeled them Orange Revolution events, including fake protests and mass corruption,  and cites the McVeigh debacle, Bundy Ranch protest, the Oregon Malheur bird refuge confrontation and the biggie, of course, the Jan. 6 siege on the capital.

Savin says these are the type of events that are run by the CIA and FBI. “They killed off Robert David Steele earlier this year,” he says. He added that it wasn’t specifically a “hit,” but he was probably overcome with spike-protein aerosols. Ironically, many members of the Arise USA Tour contracted the same illness but survived. Here’s more with Savin and Rodriguez.


Savin Update: Crisis Escalating

Has the Biden Administration’s weakness reached a level to where our adversaries are ready to make a move? Juan O. Savin tells David “Nino” Rodriguez that he suspects as much and says prayer is required.

Savin says the U.S. may soon be facing a Cuban Missile Crisis-like confrontation in the Ukraine. He says if Russia in fact makes a move on Ukraine, will this trigger more China aggression on Taiwan?  And furthermore, will this be the last straw for the military and President Trump to take action? Here’s Juan and Nino with some answers.

Will Biden Be Impeached?

Jordan Sather reviews the Afghanistan debacle and wonders aloud: Is Joe Biden going to be impeached? Otherwise, in this episode of Destroying the Illusion, Sather touches upon covid and vaccines, Ghislaine Maxwell, the election audit in Maricopa County, Arizona, 9/11 and more.

David Nino Rodriguez offers a farewell salute to the American soldiers slain by terrorists at the airport in Kabul. He also offers testimony on how to fight against businesses that are blackballing patriots.

Gut Punch Coming For Nation

Rest assured that the White Hats are on course with their plan to save America. Though the light at the end of the tunnel is in view, muddy waters lay ahead.

Appearing on the David “Nino” Rodriguez podcast, Juan O. Savin says a major gut punch for the nation is coming that people won’t be able to see as part of the plan. “This is a near-death experience for America. It’s going to get a lot more dire,” Savin says. “This is going to test the faith of the truest of true believers.”

Could the doom and gloom be related to possible criminal charges and indictment of President Trump by the corrupt Democrat Party? When asked about this scenario, Savin craftily dodged giving a direct response. “There’s drama ahead,” he says. “Pray, but understand that this is not outside the realm of divine intervention, assistance and control.” He says keep the faith and enjoy the show. Here’s more with Juan and Dave.

The Deep State And Voter Fraud

The Democrat Party and the mainstream media contend that President Trump is pushing a false argument on vote-by-mail fraud. But who listens to these lefties, who have lied incessantly since Trump moved into the White House in 2017.

Fact is, people have already been caught and convicted for ballot harvesting and piracy in California, Texas and North Carolina. And the evidence is overwhelming that it’s happening in other states. Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there. A recent Project Veritas video revealed that there is major corruption at polling stations, too.

In the following video, YouTuber Riss Flex features a clip of former heavyweight boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez, the well-connected socialite who recently helped expose Hollywood pedophilia and Deep State agendas, as he explains just how far The Swamp is prepared to play out the voter-fraud narrative, including using Antifa to terrorize the electorate.

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Ghislaine Goes To Court

As if losing the love of her life to his battle with depression wasn’t bad enough, this poor woman must now stand before a court of law and be judged like some kind of CRIMINAL. More from FreedomToons.

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Liz Crokin joins David Nino Rodriguez in a discussion about child molesters and the criminal pedophiles they have been seeking to expose.

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Actress Blake Lively delivered a powerful speech in 2017. More than three years later, on June 22, 2020 Dutch Federal Police raided two underground prisons that were built to carry out the horrors Lively described, while live streaming the atrocities to the dark web. Pedophiles exchange more than 30 million files (images and videos) every single day, globally. The world must know. More from the SGTReport.

The story of Alan Dershowitz, the man who always keeps his underwear on. More from Jamie Dlux.

We close with this interesting tidbit from Titus Frost. He spoke with a water taxi operator who ran ships that passed daily by Jeffrey Epstein’s Little St. James Island. Remember the much publicized raid that occurred on the island after Epstein’s arrest?

In point of fact, the water taxi operator says, federal agents accompanied by crime-sniffing dogs had been patrolling the island daily for at least two weeks prior to the raid. What this suggests? There was the big raid for publicity sake. But the actual investigation was actually much more thorough, actually began earlier and involved a lot more on-the-ground research with crime dogs. All suggesting perhaps the Feds actually mean business, for a change. If so, a bunch of pedophiles are probably shitting bricks!

Saving the Children

Add former American heavyweight boxer David “Nino” Rodriguez to the growing list of whistleblowers exposing Hollywood’s disgusting sex trafficking and pedophilia epidemic. Rodriguez, once considered a major title contender for the heavyweight crown, amassed an incredible 36-0 record before a brutal knife attack cut short his career. His fame enabled him to become an insider in the circle of A-list Hollywood celebrities, where he unwittingly became aware of the rampant sexual assault on innocent children by Hollywood elites.

About a month ago, Rodriguez went public on Instagram live, exposing the unimaginable secret Hollywood pedophile child and human trafficking rings, which also extends into the sports and political communities. In the following video, Rodriguez tells his graphic story.

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