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The Kobe Bryant Connection

Did the death of Kobe Bryant involve a vast conspiracy so deep it would make your head spin? We’re not talking about a conspiracy involving a few players. We’re talking about a global conspiracy involving hosts of nations, politicians, spy agencies and even Big Pharma companies. This is the kind of tale you will never read in your local newspaper or hear about on television, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true, or at least, doesn’t involve many grim and insidious elements of truth.

To understand Kobe Bryant, one must first understand his embrace of the Black Mamba symbology. Was he an MK-Ultra mind control victim?

What about his partners: People like the brain scientist Jeff Stibel, who formed the Bryant Stibel Corporation with Kobe, and Cindy Mi, the founder and CEO of VIPKid, which tries to link Chinese kids with international teachers to learn English.

On a more insidious level, how does Kobe Bryant’s death tie into the Big Pharma morass surrounding John Kapoor, the jailed CEO of Insys? Can a link be traced between Bryant’s death and the murder of Toronto’s pharmaceutical powerhouse Barry Sherman and his wife? Could they have been assassinated by Israeli spies from Mossad after Sherman tangled with the Israeli firm Teva?

This is a twisted and truly convoluted tale, but the video explains quite a bit, and draws many potential connections for further research, in less than 13 minutes. So grab your seat — and some popcorn. More from RichieFromBoston.



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