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Hollywood Movie Decodes

Hollywood movie decodes! Fatal Attraction! Play Misty for Me! Vertigo! MK-Ultra color programming! Follow the White Rabbit! Choice-less distortions! Chakra inversion! Epic shapeshifting video. More from McAllister TV.

Let’s Just Feed Him To Max!

China Lake! Daryl James! Solar Warden! Human Robots! Tom Hanks! Tom Cruise! Kids in “Woodpecker Grid Cages!” A Half-Man, Half-Spider named “Max!” More from McAllister TV.

Boundless Energy Within Grasp

JustInformed Talk offers a platform to an MK-Ultra whistleblower, James Martinez, who spills the beans on alien life forms, secret technology and UFO encounters, Hear the scuttlebutt on ritual sex with children, as well as new energy technologies cheaper than anything currently on the market.

MK-Ultra Triggering Violence

Author Cathy O’Brien joins “The Mel K Show” to expose the connection between MK-Ultra mind control and the wave of gun violence gripping the nation. The discussion revolves around mind control, predictive programming and the resulting trauma it causes. Here’s more.

Uvalde Shooter Part of MK-Ultra

Cross Talk News reports that Uvalde, Texas, shooter, Salvador Ramos, was in an AI algorithmic surveillance program. Co-host Edward Szall says Ramos was just another mind-slave in what was part of the CIA’s MK-Ultra initiative.¬†Szall and co-host Lauren Witzke examine the story, plus discuss the elites’ attempt to control us through homosexual-spread Monkeypox.

Mind-Control Phenomenon

Riss Flex delves into the the mind-control phenomenon, spurred by CIA MK-Ultra experiments in the 1950s and 1960s, and how it still is affecting Americans to this day. “I find it extremely applicable, given the current events in the news,” she says.

Flex features clips from Roseanne Barr and Dave Chappelle discussing how MK-Ultra rules Hollywood, and is widely prevalent in the entertainment industry and recounts how the CIA infiltrated academia with their mind-control methods. She explains further.

Worldwide Scare Event Nears!

New intel on the World Wide scare event! Dead Hollywood: Who’s alive and who’s dead?

Cuomo’s nipple rings! Hybrids being used in Hollywood productions! Alien fashion week! South Africa’s Die Antwoord: Hardcore CIA MK Hybrid programming!

God is in control! More from McAllister TV.

The Truth About Mind Control

Josh Sigurdson reports on the breaking news from ZeroHedge that the U.S. has accused China of developing brain-control technology, leading to sanctions and trade restrictions.

Problem is, the U.S. is basically guilty of the same thing. Says Sigurdson, “There are abundant examples of brain-control technology out of the U.S.” He adds there are many institutes, operations and technologies focused on mind control in America. He breaks down the history of mind control from MK Ultra to Operation Mockingbird in this edition of World Alternative Media.

Hollywood Deep Dive Decode

You will worship our Gods! McAllister TV offers part two of her recent video, taking a deep dive into Hollywood programming and its Satanic MK Ultra decodes. Among the topics in this second installment: Jim Morrison! Vietnam! Color coding! Tranhumanism! Genetically inverted hermaphrodites! The Green Man! Green dress! Yellow programming! Mercury! Hermes! In plain sight!

conspiracy pyramid of doom

believing in conservatism? thinking earth is flat? ITS ALL CONNECTED MAAAAN! More from FreedomToons.

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