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A Columbine Deep Dive!

McAllister TV does a deep dive into the murders that occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. Ten students and one teacher were killed by two rampaging students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, who both subsequently committed suicide in the school library. Or did they? McAllister TV explores the evidence, including the theory that Klebold is still alive.

New evidence has emerged, showing that tragedy was nowhere near as clear-cut as we might imagine. Columbine was hardly a random site. This town north of Denver housed a large contingent of individuals involved in covert black operations. How might that have shrouded the outburst of violence?

Otherwise, McAllister TV contemplates the whereabouts of Timothy McVeigh, the domestic terrorist bomber charged with killing 168 people in the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He supposedly died by lethal injection, but perhaps not.

Also, there’s discussion of Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler’s book They Know Not What They Do: An Illustrated Guidebook Of Monarch Mind Control. The CIA and other federal intelligence agencies have been using MK-Ultra mind control and psychological conditioning, supplemented by alcohol and drugs, to traumatize victims. Some end up as assassins, while others become spies, sex kittens or manipulated tools for the Illuminati.

What happens if the truth about Haiti is released? We’re not only talking about the evil cabal that gouged out the eyes of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and wounded his wife in an overnight raid on their home Wednesday. We’re also talking about the adoption agencies that spirit away Haitian children, sending them to their deaths at the hands of sick Satanists, many of them in league with the U.S. Democratic Party. It’s time to expose every last one of these criminal gangs. More from TRUreporting.



Hollywood’s Army Of Clones

How much money does Hollywood spend on clones — those dream cakes to keep us satisfied? Dilara Esengil, an entertainment lawyer in California, estimates the cloning industry involves billions upon billions of dollars in expenditures, maybe even a trillion or more annually.

Here, on the latest edition of Into The Unknown on McAllister TV, Dilara and Linda Paris discuss these Hollywood clones and inversions. Are these clones human? Do they even have souls?

Also discussed: Soul scalping! Non-terrestrial beings! MK Ultra!

Lift Off With The Nacht Waffen!

McAllister TV ventures into strange territory — the stories of the Nacht Waffen or Night Secret Service, a band of Nazi scientists and super soldiers who formed a breakaway society after World War II. Rumored to be headquartered in Antarctica, these fighters and scientists used technology lifted from space aliens to design and build craft that would hurl them to the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

Here, McAllister examines how this so-called “Dark Fleet” might have operated. The talk uncovers fragments involving Reptilians, clones, MK Ultra and moon bases. We learn of the Nazi General Walter Kruger, commander in the Waffen SS, during World War II.

There’s a lot of material here, some drawn from the recollections of Penny Bradley, who says she was conscripted into this unit. We’ll be returning to explore more on the Nacht Waffen, as well as examining this team’s relationships with the Operation Paperclip Nazi scientists, including Wernher Von Braun, brought to work at NASA and other American laboratories and space programs.

Michael Jaco was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. He enlisted in the United States Navy in November 1978 and started his career as a Navy Hard Hat Diver. He volunteered for Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea Air and Land (BUD/S) training in August 1981. He completed BUD/S training 6 months later with class 116 in February 1982. Upon leaving the US Navy in December 2002 he has served as a High-Risk Security Contractor.

In this video Michael will be sharing what he recalls about the Secret Space program and what life was like working for the CIA. More from Super Soldier Talk.

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My Little Shooter

Anyone stop to count the number of mass shootings that have occurred since the Democrats took full control of the government? This always happens when the Democrats are in charge.

You have to wonder: How many of these shootings are real tragedies and how many have been staged using MK Ultra stooges under the control of the FBI or the CIA? Neither agency has shown a particularly strong track record when it comes to actually dispensing justice as opposed to fomenting misjustice. seemingly, the Democrats are colluding with these agencies to stage events so as to push the Democrats’ draconian gun control measures.

But let’s not get sidetracked. Today, we bring you the case of a brony pervert who outsmarted the FBI. Either that or the FedEx shooter was simply allowed to attack. More from The Salty Cracker.

How’s MK-Ultra Directed At You

MK-Ultra has changed. It is now more powerful than ever. Learn how it is directed at you. More from Jessie Czebotar joining Sarah Westall. This is the second half of a two-part series. The first half appeared Monday and was titled You’re Up Against Mind Control.

You’re Up Against Mind Control

Jessie Czebotar rejoins Sarah Westall to discuss the advanced manipulation and control techniques, including MK-Ultra, that are being used on society. She explains how people are convinced to do the bidding of others by using their own mental construct. It’s so powerful it can be used to force people to go against their own needs and well being. This is the first of two parts. We will present the second half as well following its release.


Six Signs Of MK-Ultra Control

We’re used to bizarre behavior from Hollywood celebrities, but how much of it is really a sign of something darker?

In the early 1950s, the CIA began a highly secretive and nefarious mind-control experiment known as MK-Ultra and later, Monarch. Its goal: to gain complete control over the human mind. Signs of the controversial project began showing up in the minds of the era’s best-known stars, such as Marilyn Monroe. Today, actors, musicians, politicians and some professional athletes are said to be under the influence of this powerful, trauma-based mind control. Governments and private industries have worked it for many decades, from electroshock therapy to drug use and beyond, and all to get individuals to do absolutely anything they are programmed to.

Some of the names will shock you: Britney Spears, who also is troubled with multiple personalities, NBC’s Al Roker, Beyonce, Niki Minaj and many others. Once these stars get big enough, they are no longer a person, but a controlled asset of the Illuminati. In the following video, RenaudBe breaks down six signs of Monarch mind control and no figure sparks more speculation in MK-Ultra lore than the illusive, mysterious, shadowy controllers known as handlers. Notable figures from Ellen DeGeneres to Bob Hope have been alleged to be handlers, disguised as security or entourage members, entrusted with code words to control the “slave.”  Here’s a deeper look into the strange world of MK-Ultra with RenaudBe.

Dark Winter, Dark Secrets

The [Deep State]/Mainstream Media are now trapped. The patriots have dripped out information on the Biden family and it is very damaging. The investigation has begun. The patriots have used the art of war. The setup is almost complete. Crimes against humanity will be exposed, but the [DS] already sent out a message for their next False Flag. Biden mentioned Dark Winter. When dark secrets are exposed we might see a Dark Winter. More from the X22 Report.

Joe’s debate debacle! Epstein Island! Cannibalism! Nursing home murder! More from McAllister TV.

RedPill78 interviews Dr. Juliette Engle, an MK Ultra survivor. She talks about being held captive by Satanists, along with other children, some of whom survived, while others did not. They were tortured, subjected to sexual assaults. She recounts these experiences in her book Sparky: Surviving Sex Magick. We bring this to you from DLive. You can also find RedPill78 over on Rumble.

Deciphering Demonic Decodes

Gene Decode and McAllister TV has a conversation on demons and MK Ultra victims. How does one individual have split personalities? What happens when some of those personalities run roughshod over the others or try to gain full control? Why are these individuals so often used by the Democrats in protests and marches? Gene Decode says the Democrats are bound to lose in 2020, but they refuse to accept defeat, so they are pulling out all of the stops and harnessing every trick in the book to avoid a bloodbath. Here’s hoping they are not only defeated, but routed.

The Kobe Bryant Connection

Did the death of Kobe Bryant involve a vast conspiracy so deep it would make your head spin? We’re not talking about a conspiracy involving a few players. We’re talking about a global conspiracy involving hosts of nations, politicians, spy agencies and even Big Pharma companies. This is the kind of tale you will never read in your local newspaper or hear about on television, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true, or at least, doesn’t involve many grim and insidious elements of truth.

To understand Kobe Bryant, one must first understand his embrace of the Black Mamba symbology. Was he an MK-Ultra mind control victim?

What about his partners: People like the brain scientist Jeff Stibel, who formed the Bryant Stibel Corporation with Kobe, and Cindy Mi, the founder and CEO of VIPKid, which tries to link Chinese kids with international teachers to learn English.

On a more insidious level, how does Kobe Bryant’s death tie into the Big Pharma morass surrounding John Kapoor, the jailed CEO of Insys? Can a link be traced between Bryant’s death and the murder of Toronto’s pharmaceutical powerhouse Barry Sherman and his wife? Could they have been assassinated by Israeli spies from Mossad after Sherman tangled with the Israeli firm Teva?

This is a twisted and truly convoluted tale, but the video explains quite a bit, and draws many potential connections for further research, in less than 13 minutes. So grab your seat — and some popcorn. More from RichieFromBoston.



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