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No, You Can’t Kick Them Out!

The transport of illegal migrants from conservative states to liberal areas continues to expose the hypocrisy of the Left. As soon as illegals–who were transported from Florida–stepped foot in Martha’s Vineyard, Ma., they were reloaded on buses and shipped to the Cape Cod military base!

Why the sudden concern for safety for these hypocritical lefties? What happened to their compassion?¬†Does this spell the end of sanctuary cities? We can only pray it does. Here’s Liberal Hivemind’s report.

CDC Caught Red-Handed!

The CDC has been caught red-handed skewing COVID numbers regarding outdoor transmission of the virus, dramatically overstating the risk has been less than 10 percent. Another huge Deep State lie. Says Martin Brodel, the number is more like .1 percent.

Meanwhile, the CDC might have angered the Deep State and the Left with a similar story, reporting that more people have died from the coronavirus vaccines than all vaccines in the last 20 years combined. “This story will definitely be debunked by fact checkers, because it’s a narrative they don’t want out there,” Brodel says. “This data comes from Left-revered CDC, so if anything, these totals are low.” In the following segment, Brodel also reviews the problems surrounding the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline Network, the Indiana General Assembly overriding the governor’s veto of pandemic restrictions and The New York Times calling out the CDC for COVID pandemic guidance.

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