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CDC Caught Red-Handed!

The CDC has been caught red-handed skewing COVID numbers regarding outdoor transmission of the virus, dramatically overstating the risk has been less than 10 percent. Another huge Deep State lie. Says Martin Brodel, the number is more like .1 percent.

Meanwhile, the CDC might have angered the Deep State and the Left with a similar story, reporting that more people have died from the coronavirus vaccines than all vaccines in the last 20 years combined. “This story will definitely be debunked by fact checkers, because it’s a narrative they don’t want out there,” Brodel says. “This data comes from Left-revered CDC, so if anything, these totals are low.” In the following segment, Brodel also reviews the problems surrounding the shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline Network, the Indiana General Assembly overriding the governor’s veto of pandemic restrictions and The New York Times calling out the CDC for COVID pandemic guidance.

Who Hates The Police?

Hate them or love them, the police are a major and divisive issue across America. But why is the hate so much more prevalent?

Dennis Prager delves into the issue, breaking down an unbelievable hate video that went viral. In the clip, a woman gets pulled over by a cop for using her phone while driving. Her response: “Murderer, what are you going to do to me? Are you going to kill me and my son?” Prager says she must have called him “murderer” at least 10 times.

Later in the confrontation, the abusive woman calls the cop a racist Mexican! And the clincher is, she is a teacher! “Oh my God, that’s the scariest part of the video,” Prager says. “Only God knows what she teaches her kids.” In the following edition of PragerU, Prager offers his brilliant insight into why the Left hates the police and how they’re damaging law enforcement, and also discusses the definition of white values.

New Term For Sex Change

First it was sex-change surgery, which was deemed racist by Lefties. Then it became gender-reassignment surgery. Nope, didn’t pass the discrimination test, either. Can you guess what the Looney Left now considers the politically correct verbiage?

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere put the question out to their radio listeners and discuss the Left’s obsession to convince the American people that GOP bills aimed to block children’s access to major, gender-changing surgeries are transphobic and dangerous to kids’ health. Tune in for the answer to the riddle on this edition of Blaze TV.

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Escaping Antifa

Gabriel Nadales was an angry, bitter and unhappy young man—the perfect recruit for Antifa, the violent left-wing group which claims to fight against fascism. He says his beef was against the greedy, heartless power structure that didn’t care about him or society’s innocent victims and which had robbed, beaten and stolen from his ancestors.

Nadales explains that Antifa stands for antifascist, but the name is purposely deceptive. It is calibrated so that anyone who dares to criticize the group or its tactics can in turn can be labeled fascist. Their mantra: to blast the establishment, taunt police and destroy property.

But something powerful clicked within Nadales. He says, “Joining Antifa was the worst decision of my life.” So how did he escape? He says he encountered something good, friends who pointed him to the logic of Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell and Ben Shapiro. “What they said just made sense and offered me a better way to live.” He added that Antifa  just cared about control and only offered him more anger and bitterness. Here’s the rest of Nadales’ story on PragerU.

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Free Press Or Mao’s China?

Mark Levin says for four years the mainstream media have delivered an unrelenting attack of propaganda on the Presidency, exposing their hatred for Donald Trump while attempting to control the narrative. Now, to listen to the press equivocate Joe Biden’s inauguration to man setting foot on the moon is sobering. Is this our free press or Mao of China?

In the following Blaze TV segment, Levin reveals how The Washington Post, USA Today and The New York Times, to name just a few media outlets, slobbered and fawned over the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Says Levin, the over-the-top coverage exposes their true Leftist colors and the hypocrisy hides the Democrat Party’s plan to shoot down their opposition. “The party that is the most vile, cancerous blot on our party politic, they’re going to bring us to unity,” Levin says. “They don’t mean unity, their mean conformity, repression. You will do as they say.” Here’s more with Levin.

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Trump Took Huge Financial Hit

If you had any doubts that President Trump sacrificed his personal life for the good of the nation, think again. Not only did Trump work for free, donating his $400,000 yearly salary to charity and government programs, his personal wealth took a major hit.

Like many American business owners in COVID America, Trump’s business empire suffered huge financial losses, but we’re just now getting to understand the scope of the setback following financial disclosure forms he filed before leaving office. As the pandemic forced numerous closures and kept customers home, Trump’s hotels, resorts and other properties suffered a whopping $120 million loss in the past year. His high-end properties alone were hit the hardest where he least could afford it. Trump Hotel International Hotel in Washington, D.C., which has an outstanding loan of $170 million, absorbed a revenue drop of more than 60 percent, while his Doral Resort in Miami saw a 44 percent dip.

And rest assured that the Left is primed to inflict more pain on Trump. Says Martin Brodel, “They’re going to keep going after him. When does the insanity stop.” Brodel also reports on the Democrat Party’s new laws on terror, shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline and Dr. Anthony Fauci on masks and vaccinations.

Newsmax Sips The Kool-Aid

It appears that upstart conservative TV network Newsmax has sipped the Deep State Kool-Aid. This after the network continued its slide by publishing pro-Biden propaganda written by a Clinton attorney.

The about-face came as somewhat of a surprise, following Newsmax’s meteoric rise past longtime conservative giant Fox News in the TV ratings, when the latter fell victim to the Left by joining the vote-steal malarky on election night. Says Martin Brodel, “You gotta ask yourself, is there anyone that the Deep State can’t get to, as far as the media goes?” Join Brodel as he reports on Michigan Congressman-elect Peter Meijer, who replaces RINO traitor Justin Amash, the turncoat McCain family and the real reason the Biden-Harris inauguration parade was canceled.

The Wacky Left

From the beginning of the school year, President Trump was in favor of bringing kids back into the classroom. Teachers’ unions, on the other hand, said no. Too dangerous in this age of COVID-19, despite data to the contrary. And the feckless media, well, they sided with the teachers, of course.

Another push to open schools has again resulted in strong resistance from the Left and the unions. The Chicago Teachers’ Union tweeted: “The push to reopen schools is rooted in racism, sexism and misogny.”  And then there’s the Washington Post, who after steadfastly opposing reopening of schools, flip-flopped, saying that students have suffered enough. Say what! Could it be that the 180 was because of the recent alleged outcome to the fake and fraudulent election?

On a local level, radical liberals are losing it, too. Take this insane teacher in Oregon who goes absolutely nuts when coming upon an anti-school lockdown rally. Screaming at the protestors, she showers them with foul language, while flipping them off. It kind of reminds us of the day after these same wacky liberals realized that Trump had won the 2016 election. Here’s more from political commentator Ben Shapiro.

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Trump Will Not Concede

While President Trump gave his blessings to the GSA to continue with its transition duties, he made it crystal clear that he will not concede, especially when there are still questions about the process in which the votes have been counted.

Like a growing number of Americans, political vlogger Jeremy Griggs of DDayCobra can see that Donald Trump is built differently than your run-of-the-mill politician. “I don’t like the Republicans, I’ don’t like the Democrats. I don’t like the establishment. I’m a Trump supporter,” he says. He adds that America should sit back and let the legal process play through and let the cards fall where the may.

Tune in as Griggs tees off on AOC, Robert Deniro, Bernie Sanders, the mainstream media and the rest of the pathetic Left.

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