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Juan O. Savin: On The Precipice

Juan O. Savin says there shouldn’t be anyone in America, at this point, that isn’t attuned to the fact that we’re on the precipice of some great peril.

Appearing on Blood Money, with host Vem Miller, Savin warns that some epic moment awaits the country and ponders whether this is the coup de grace to destroy America, our last dance. “We have been brought to the end of the precipice,” he says. Here’s more.

LGBTQ And Ancient Greece

We oftentimes hear this notion that ancient Greece was basically an LGBTQ paradise, where everything same-sex related was accepted and even encouraged.

Metatron says that people generally choose to look at history through the prism of their own ideologies, thus misrepresenting¬† historical events and entire cultures. A case in point is ancient Greece, whom many scholars labeled a gay paradise.¬†But what do the historical sources actually tell us about this? Here’s his analysis.

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