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How To Spot Fake News

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Michael Malice (Author, The New Right) about the eighth chapter of Don’t Burn This Book, entitled “Learn How To Spot Fake News.” Special guest Michael Malice and Dave Rubin talk about the hypocrisy and double standards of the mainstream media. They discuss how the media which was quick to report on many disproved allegations against Brett Kavanaugh now seem to be ignoring the seemingly more credible allegations against the DNC presidential nominee Joe Biden. The same media that chanted #metoo and “believe all women” now seem silent when it is politically inconvenient.

Dave discusses this hypocrisy and how it leads to the further erosion of trust in our media institutions at a time when we desperately need trustworthy media to make sense of our world. Dave also discusses how many people who were lied about by the media like Nick Sandmann, James Damore, Bret Weinstein, Lindsay Shepherd and Ben Shapiro have all emerged stronger afterwards. Dave also shares his own personal experience concerning a smear piece in the New York Times that was written about him.

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Is Speaking Out Worth It?

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Bridget Phetasy (Comedian and Podcast Host) about Dave’s embracing of his wake-up call in the second chapter of Don’t Burn This Book. Dave has met many people who have told him that they are afraid of speaking their mind for fear of losing their jobs or friends. Some of these people live in “political closets.” The social media outrage mob and cancel culture has made it risky to speak what were once considered centrist political opinions. Dave shares his personal story of how he and others like James Damore and Lindsay Shepherd have come out the other side stronger for not having the beliefs that their peers expected them to have.

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