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Lin Wood Defends Trump

Lin Wood, the colorful Atlanta lawyer who represented Nick Sandmann in his libel suits against several mainstream media outfits, says it’s time for all Republicans to come to the defense of President Donald Trump. Wood says GOP members who won’t are either cowards or compromised by their relations with the Deep State.

Wood, who is now representing Kyle Rittenhouse, says Trump has been fighting solo too long. It’s time for the party to come to his defense, as well as those voters who supported the president.

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The Touch Screen Voting Machine Glitch Scenario in which a computer program error can elect the wrong person as suggested by Laura Linney to Jeff Goldblum in the 2006 movie Man of the Year.

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Dr. Shiva Ayyaduri, one of the main inventors behind email, offers his advice on how President Donald Trump can demand greater assurance and reliability in the ballot counting. More from the Camelot TV Network.

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Longtime British Q activist Charlie Ward says President Donald Trump won by a landslide. Also, Ward says Trump used a QFS blockchain sting operation that will demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he won this election. The cheating Democrats will be exposed and many will be indited for their crimes.

Just how bad was the corruption in the 2020 Presidential Election? Rudy Guiliani revealed Saturday that one of the votes cast in Pennsylvania was by Joe Frazier, the former boxing heavyweight. There are only two problems with that. 1. Joe Frazier has been dead since 2011. 2. He didn’t live in Pennsylvania, but in neighboring New Jersey!


Lin Wood Issues Stern Warnings

Lin Wood, the defense lawyer who represented Nick Sandmann, is now going nuclear on Twitter. He is warning that the social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, plan to censor speech supporting the right to self-defense. “Police are hesitant to enforce law for fear of criminal charges,” Wood says. “Leftists now seek to suppress citizens’ right of self-defense.”

Wood is now dropping MASSIVE red pills on the left and critics of Kyle Rittenhouse, an armed citizen who was attacked by Leftist mobs for defending people’s property in the Kenosha, Wisconsin, riots. More from Mr. Obvious.

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Lin Wood has agreed to represent Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old Illinois boy facing a series of charges in connection with confronting and shooting Antifa louts in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Is Rittenhouse a vigilante or a hero? That’s the crux of an argument debated by HighImpactFlix.

This is a channel that used to be on YouTube, but has been censored by the Leftist social media platform. You can now find the channel on Bitchute.



Kenosha Riots Turn Deadly

The Black Lives Matter riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, have turned deadly. Gunfire exchanges erupted overnight beginning around 1 am on Wednesday. Individuals defending their businesses fired at the looters, who also were armed — so gun battles ensued. It’s apparent Wisconsin’s Democratic Gov. Tony Evers doesn’t have a clue how to defuse the situation and has actually spurred some of the violence. More from Styxhexenhammer666.

Armed citizens are taking to the streets to defend Kenosha against Black Lives Matter rioters. The Civil War is here. Hundreds have joined the Facebook group Armed Citizens to Protect our Lives and Property, pledging to defend business owners. More from Mr. Obvious.

The Kenosha Riots are a disaster for the Democrats. Leftists are destroying themselves and casting the Democrats as a crazed and violent party. More from Steve Turley.

Steven Crowder gives a recap of Nick Sandmann’s RNC appearance and CNN’s ensuing meltdown. He then turns to examines the recent shootings at the Kenosha protests, George Floyd’s latest autopsy report, and the new #BlackLivesMatter trend of bullying outdoor diners. Finally, we get the truth according to Smooth Manny on the Cube of Saturn. More from Louder with Crowder.

BREAKING: Teenage Suspect In Kenosha Shootings Arrested. What Actually Happened. In this video, we deliver you breaking news on the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin and the arrest of the shooting suspect. More from We Are Change.

Now It’s Our Turn!

The Republican National Convention has kicked off in Charlotte, North Carolina. But you would be hard-pressed to know it watching the Leftist mainstream media. The majority of their “pundits” are running cover for the pedophile Democrats. Some of these media types are pedophiles themselves, others transgenders indulging in a masquerade.

Pretty much all of them are worthless as pundits. They are too biased and anti-Capitalist to ever honestly report on a Republican convention. Avoid any and all of these networks when they refuse to show the actual convention but instead indulge in phony “instant” analysis or talky panels.

Fox is a tiny bit better than MSNBC or CNN, but when they are sending Chris Wallace and Bret Baier as part of their correspondent team, they suck. Of course, it could always be worse: Judge Napolitano or Neil Cavuto, for instance. Then you know you’re hitting rock bottom! More from Mark Dice.

Among the speakers at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday was Nick Sandmann, the Covington Catholic High School student from Kentucky who was defamed and libeled by the Leftist press because he stood up for President Donald Trump and spoke out against abortions. Sandmann, for the first time, explained his beliefs and what happened when he was confronted by Leftists — not only outside the Lincoln Memorial, but on television sets and within the big Leftist newspapers across the nation. What a courageous young man, but one standing so tall, unlike his vile and repugnant opponents.

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The Republican National Convention draws some harsh reactions — from Hillary, Bill, Nancy, Chuckie, Alexandria and the rest of the hee-haw Democratic gang. More from The United Spot.

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Two Down, Six To Go

Covington, Kentucky, high school student Nick Sandmann has won his defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post. This is the second lawsuit he has won, the other coming against CNN. There remain six other lawsuits left to settle, including ones against the New York Times, NBC Universal, CBS News, ABC News, Gannett and Rolling Stone.

Sandmann originally was seeking $250 million from the Washington Post. It’s unclear how much he received in his settlement agreement. Sandmann and other Covington kids were falsely accused by mainstream media outlets of mocking a Native American man, Nathan Phillips, who was later exposed as a fraud. More from Mr. Obvious.

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How To Spot Fake News

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Michael Malice (Author, The New Right) about the eighth chapter of Don’t Burn This Book, entitled “Learn How To Spot Fake News.” Special guest Michael Malice and Dave Rubin talk about the hypocrisy and double standards of the mainstream media. They discuss how the media which was quick to report on many disproved allegations against Brett Kavanaugh now seem to be ignoring the seemingly more credible allegations against the DNC presidential nominee Joe Biden. The same media that chanted #metoo and “believe all women” now seem silent when it is politically inconvenient.

Dave discusses this hypocrisy and how it leads to the further erosion of trust in our media institutions at a time when we desperately need trustworthy media to make sense of our world. Dave also discusses how many people who were lied about by the media like Nick Sandmann, James Damore, Bret Weinstein, Lindsay Shepherd and Ben Shapiro have all emerged stronger afterwards. Dave also shares his own personal experience concerning a smear piece in the New York Times that was written about him.

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Another One Bites The Dust

The Democratic field of contenders keeps narrowing. Three more have pulled out of the race over the past couple of days — Amy Klobuchar, Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg. This leaves only five contenders remaining, and the two women, Elizabeth Warren and Tulsi Gabbard, are both running on fumes. Seems more likely one of the three men will win — Bernie Sanders, Michael Bloomberg or Joe Biden. Also in this edition of RedPill78: Is Jack Dorsey on the way out at Twitter? What are the new lawsuits from Devin Nunes and Nick Sandmann? Also, Nancy Pelosi now has a challenger.

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The [Deep State] are pushing the latest event. This event will fail just like every other event which means they are really running low on ammunition. The courts have now ordered [Hillary Rodham Clinton] to appear in court and answer the questions about her email. Attorney General William Barr has decided to take control of the antitrust case against Big Tech companies. Trump pushes for a cure/vaccine. Trump is ready to bring the heat. More from the X22 Report.

The New York Times and Washington Post both sued for libel. Q has appeared in a new Trump ad! Otherwise, Destroying the Illusion offers updates on the COVID-19 virus and the dwindling Democratic Presidential field.

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The mystery of the early demise of Phil Haney has been solved! He was about to come back and work for President Donald Trump’s administration. He planned to name names! Hence, the poisonous Deep State struck first and murdered him. More from Black Conservative Patriot.

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CNN Caves In Defamation Suit

CNN has agreed to settle for an undisclosed amount with Nick Sandman, the student from Covington Catholic who was smeared and defamed by various personalities and networks.

While some are claiming that this is a defeat as they won’t go to trial, we need to consider the context around the lawsuits.

CNN and Washington Post tried to get the suits dismissed but a judge recently allowed the suit against WaPo to enter discovery, meaning it was moving forward. Sandmann’s legal team was preparing more lawsuits and was gaining ground in the battle.

Presumably CNN saw the signs on the wall and knew they were going to lose and decided to cave. I can only assume considering the major support and advantage of the Covington student that CNN paid out a very hefty sum, though the full amount is undisclosed.

The battle is not over. Sandmann’s team is going after Nathan Phillips and other outlets.

At the same time Devin Nunes, Lara Logan, and others are suing various news outlets for smears and fake news. Defamation lawsuits are popping up as people no longer will sit idly by as their names and reputations are tarnished. More from Tim Pool.

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When will CNN do their next Big expose: How does it feel to be walking around town with egg all over your face? They had to pay out the nose for their fake news reporting. Will they be as shameless and cavalier the next time around? More from Dr. Steve Turley.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Now that the Mueller hearing has flopped, what’s the next option available to Democrats? Is there any maneuvering they can do outside of impeachment?  In Pursuit of Truth gets into the options as well as returning to Jeffrey Epstein to look at his associate Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of a British media mogul who owned the pro-Labor Party newspaper, the Daily Mirror.  He died on his yacht, which he had named the Lady Ghislaine. Ghislaine was no shrinking violet. She founded the Kit-Kat Club and befriended many rich and famous individuals, including the Clintons, earning an invitation to Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Also covered: How Sabo has turned a billboard advertising the latest Quentin Tarantino movie into an insult aimed at Hollywood’s embrace of pedophiles, including Roman Polanski.

SerialBrain2 returns to explore the secret message behind Ivanka Trump tweeting about the “United Kingston.” The long and short of it: Ivanka Trump and her father, President Donald Trump, exchange a series of tweets that underscore the coming changes in the Caribbean. The American government is not only aware of the ravishes that have occurred against the islands of Jamaica and nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, but Americans are ready to apprehend those responsible for these crimes, including molesting, trafficking and killing children. Also, SerialBrain2 offers an update on chemtrails.

Jordan Sather of Destroying the Illusion catches up on the flurry of Q posts. In a jam-packed video, he also delves into the Clinton Body County, connections between Jeffrey Epstein and Disney, UFO disclosures and Area 51, as well as measles.

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Todd McMurtry, the attorney for Covington high school student Nick Sandmann, joins SGTReport and Dustin Nemos to discuss a new lawsuit – funded by Nemos – against Google and YouTube for their blatant political bias and censorship of Conservative, Libertarian and Christian free speech. More from SGTReport.

Do Covington Kids Have Case?

CNN will soon be hit with a $250 million lawsuit form Nick Sandmann, the student who was widely maligned in one of the major media bungles of our time. Lawyer Deborah Blum breaks down whether he has a case and what is likely to happen with the upcoming lawsuits. More from Bill O’Reilly.

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Meanwhile, CNN is refusing to apologize to the Covington students. The network is adopting a “we are bad at our jobs”  defense. Tim Pool explains.

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