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Steve Bannon Ends Silence

Former Trump campaign aide Steve Bannon ended his silence on recent federal fraud charges leveled against him with a vengeance, calling the accusation headhunting of high-profile political targets associated with the President. “What they wanted to do was criminalize political speech and make sure I didn’t go back to the campaign,” he says.

Making his first media appearance since the indictment, charging him with defrauding thousands of dollars from a fund-raising campaign to build a border wall with Mexico, Bannon says the unwarranted attack is just another political tactic to smear the President. He says he was never going back to the campaign. As for the actual charges, Bannon says his C-4 (construction contract document) spells out, in detail, his $1 million contract with the fund-raising campaign and his work as a contractor and head of an advisory board that performed town halls and conferences along the border pertaining to the project. He added that Showtime Network even documented their work in a TV series during its 19th season.

Bannon elaborates on “Tonight With Tucker Carlson” and also opines on the disgusting efforts of the Left to steal the election via mail-in voting.

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