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Dems Prove Election Fraud

Ben Armstrong reports a video shot following the 2016 presidential election has surfaced on CNN, which actually demonstrates how the network and the Democrat Party proved voting-machine fraud.

The video, which was shot at an earlier Def Con hackers convention, actually shows a group of people revealing how easy it is to hack the machines. One of the hackers in the video says, “These are supposed to be the latest machines. They’re still used in elections and they’re running ancient software. I think that if somebody wanted to, it would be pretty easy to fake an election.”

Armstrong says CNN and the Democrat Party were quick to charge that Donald J. Trump defeated Hillary Clinton because of the fraudulent machines, hoping it would implicate Russia, which it didn’t. So what did they do? They used their evidence from the convention to cheat in 2020, says Armstrong. Here’s his full report.

Where Have Lawyers Gone?

Defense attorney Sidney Powell is back in the news and she’s steamed. Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team and a strong proponent for righting the 2020 election fraud, has now taken up the cause of Trump supporters being held as political prisoners for exercising their constitutional rights to dissent and protest during the Jan. 6 siege on the Capitol.

Powell’s organization––is raising funds and working behind the scenes to liberate prisoners, some of who have been incarcerated without being charged since mid-January. “I want to know where all the lawyers have gone,” she says. “Lawyers are the ones who stand up for the downtrodden and abused, even when it’s unpopular to do so. And we’re having trouble finding people to work for them, even for compensation, because of all the blowback the left heaps on anyone who seeks justice.” Here’s more with Powell on Real America’s Voice, hosted by Steve Bannon.

Cheney Regrets Trump Vote

Not surprisingly, bitter and corrupt RINO Liz Cheney is backtracking her 2020 vote, saying she regrets voting for President Trump, although she didn’t disclose if she was leaving the Republican Party.

In an interview with ABC News’ Jon Karl on “This Week,” Cheney says she will do everything she can to prevent Trump from being the 2024 Republican nominee and make sure he never gets close to the Oval Office again. Talk about a bombastic threat! We have faith in the Wyoming electorate that they see to it that Cheney never gets close to Capitol Hill again. Here’s more with Gary Franchi on Next News Network.

Trump’s Epic Election Strategy

Styxhexenhammer666 weighs in on President Donald Trump’s epic election strategy. “I think he’s trying to force Scotus’ hand,” says Styx.

Joe Biden’s Pennsylvania win was statistically impossible. More from Mr. Reagan.

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Trump loves challenges. More from Thomas Wictor.

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The President’s plan is working flawlessly. Never mind the naysayers, the doubters and those who panic over every setback. Once the dust has settled, you’ll see how President Donald Trump worked an amazing turnaround and cut off all lines of retreat and counterattack by the flailing Democrats. At least, that’s the encouraging prediction of Juan O’Savin, drawing upon such military lessons as Hannibal’s defeat of a far superior Roman army.

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Steve Bannon Ends Silence

Former Trump campaign aide Steve Bannon ended his silence on recent federal fraud charges leveled against him with a vengeance, calling the accusation headhunting of high-profile political targets associated with the President. “What they wanted to do was criminalize political speech and make sure I didn’t go back to the campaign,” he says.

Making his first media appearance since the indictment, charging him with defrauding thousands of dollars from a fund-raising campaign to build a border wall with Mexico, Bannon says the unwarranted attack is just another political tactic to smear the President. He says he was never going back to the campaign. As for the actual charges, Bannon says his C-4 (construction contract document) spells out, in detail, his $1 million contract with the fund-raising campaign and his work as a contractor and head of an advisory board that performed town halls and conferences along the border pertaining to the project. He added that Showtime Network even documented their work in a TV series during its 19th season.

Bannon elaborates on “Tonight With Tucker Carlson” and also opines on the disgusting efforts of the Left to steal the election via mail-in voting.

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Trump’s Path To Re-Election

Although many bogus polls show Joe Biden leading the presidential race by insane numbers, truth is President Trump is basically in the same position he was in 2016. While Arizona and Florida present some concerns at this point, it’s nothing serious that the president can’t overcome.

The good news is that Trump is performing well in the Rust Belt–especially Wisconsin where he trails by less than 1 percent–and is holding strong in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Game-changers to keep in mind as we near the election will be big-news events, Biden’s performance in public and, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic. Perhaps his biggest roadblock will be the outwardly biased mainstream media. Says Stu Burguiere of The Blaze, “Sure, the media is going to try and stop him at all costs, but this is where Trump thrives.”

What it all boils down to is an intense three months, which will include an October surprise or two. Here’s more from The Blaze.

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