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Echos Of Lost, Advanced Culture

Why are there migration routes from the Mediterranean to more northern climates? Could it be something radiating in the southern sky was so intense that it forced people in the opposite direction?

Apparently so, since along the northern migration routes, archaeologists discovered the Skara Brae, the best-preserved Neolithic settlement in western Europe, where people began making their homes there in 3,100 B.C. It was discovered in 1850 when a storm exposed part of the coastal site. Continued erosion in the bay has led to similar discoveries.

An exceptional collection of artifacts were discovered at Skara Brae, attesting to the advanced culture that lived there. Among the artifacts were carved rocks, one of which was representative of the auroras manifesting discreetly in the sky, possibly the reason for the migration northward. Here’s more on the Lost History Channel TKTC with host BuzWeaver.

The Sea Peoples

From around 1500 to 1200 BCE, the eastern Mediterranean was arguably one of the most prosperous regions of the ancient world. Trade, knowledge, people and new ideas flowed freely and, for the most part, there was a good deal of political stability in the region. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, they came. Boatloads full of battle-hardened warriors, many of them traveling with their families. They were a mysterious and diverse group of peoples who scholars today call the Sea Peoples. We are told, mostly from Egyptian records, that they created havoc everywhere they went and that empires fell before them, and cities that had existed for thousands of years were reduced to rubble. Was all this true? We do, however, know that the world after their arrival wasn’t the same. More from History With Cy.



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