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Ancient Aussie Cave Art Found

If it weren’t for some wasp nests sitting atop some ancient kangaroo cave art, researchers would never have been able to determine the age of this amazing find. The magnificent art was in fact dated between 17,100 and 17,300 years old, thanks to three wasp nests that were carbon dated.

The discovery of the kangaroo art is significant, because it signifies the  oldest known cave art recorded to date in Australia and reveals that there was a movement by aboriginal natives toward sheltered areas, away from ancient cataclysms. Within these boundary systems, people would live for a long time, and creativity and art were vital for longtime sanity. Here’s more on the discovery from BuzWeaver and the Lost History Channel TKTC.

Echos Of Lost, Advanced Culture

Why are there migration routes from the Mediterranean to more northern climates? Could it be something radiating in the southern sky was so intense that it forced people in the opposite direction?

Apparently so, since along the northern migration routes, archaeologists discovered the Skara Brae, the best-preserved Neolithic settlement in western Europe, where people began making their homes there in 3,100 B.C. It was discovered in 1850 when a storm exposed part of the coastal site. Continued erosion in the bay has led to similar discoveries.

An exceptional collection of artifacts were discovered at Skara Brae, attesting to the advanced culture that lived there. Among the artifacts were carved rocks, one of which was representative of the auroras manifesting discreetly in the sky, possibly the reason for the migration northward. Here’s more on the Lost History Channel TKTC with host BuzWeaver.

The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction was the star attraction in this year’s winter solstice, where the planets Saturn and Jupiter perfectly aligned with Earth. The event was regarded as widely significant in our culture in many aspects, with religious scholars relating the conjunction to the Star of Bethlehem, visible to observers during the birth of Christ.

Catastrophists worried that the gravitational influence would trigger a powerful solar flare, but the spectacular and rare event passed off into history, much to the delight of many stargazers. Although Saturn and Jupiter pass each other every 20 years, this year’s conjunction brought the planets within a tenth of a degree of each other, the closest in nearly four centuries and the most significant since the year 1226. More from the Lost History Channel TKTC.

Here’s an incredible time-lapse video of The Great Conjunction, courtesy of the International Astronomical Center.

John Lennon And The NYC UFO

At 9 a.m. on Aug. 23, 1974, rock legend John Lennon witnessed a UFO hovering just below the New York City skyline. Viewing the scene stark naked from his apartment building, Lennon swears it wasn’t a helicopter nor a balloon. This hidden gem occurred during the former Beatles star’s now infamous lost weekend, an 18-month period of sheer rock ‘n roll madness and self-destruction, but also a dose of enlightenment ordered by his wife, Yoko Ono.

During this period, Lennon produced three albums, including the iconic “Mind Games,” where on the cover in the bottom left-hand corner, is the inscription: “On the 23 Aug. 1974 at 9 o’clock I saw a U.F.O.–J.L.” The following clip includes raw footage of an interview with Lennon regarding the UFO, where he’s asked if he reported the incident to the authorities. “I didn’t, because Lennon sees UFO … that’s enough to get me kicked out. It’ sad enough as it is.” He says that a friend called the newspapers and authorities and asked if anyone else had seen the object and, sure enough, there were others. Here’s more with Lennon in this “Light Up the Dark” feature from The Lost History Channel TKTC.

Prehistory’s Aurora Events

As far back as human history can be documented, catastrophic space phenomena in the form of plasmic energy discharges in the skies, sent early humans scurrying for shelter in the most remote locations imaginable.

Sometimes, these plasmic events, known today as auroras, were things of beauty for our ancestors. Other times, they created panic and terror. Amazingly, the prehistoric inhabitants of our planet documented the plasmic events through petroglyph carvings found throughout the world. The since-deciphered drawings reveal that these early civilizations undoubtedly experienced something so outrageous that they sought to document it for all time. Here’s more with BuzWeaver on The Lost HIstory Channel TKTC.

Asteroid’s Doomsday Scenario

In June 2014, scientists discovered a monster asteroid with the potential to end all human life as we know it. Asteroid Apophis, named for the Egyptian deity who embodies chaos and opposes life on Earth, will approach our planet within 19,400 on Friday, April 13, 2029, and be visible to the naked eye.

Fortunately, Apophis will miss Earth on this approach, but it will enable scientists to gather valuable data on its trajectory to prepare for its next rendezvous in 2036. Scientists theorize that alterations made by Earth’s gravitational field and the asteroid’s perihelion (point which it is closest to the sun) could determine its trajectory on its next approach. BuzWeaver gives us the lowdown on Apophis in this installment of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

Apollo 20: Cover-Up Or Hoax?

Beginning in 2007, videos began appearing on YouTube, revealing a secret mission to the moon in 1976. The mission was allegedly conducted jointly by the United States and the Soviet Union to recover ancient artifacts and possible new technology. Incredibly, the previous Apollo 15 mission and subsequent Russian flybys had reported strange sightings on the moon.

The person who posted the videos was William Rutledge, a former employee of the United States Air Force, who claimed he commanded an Apollo 20 mission that landed on the moon in August 1976 to investigate the sightings. What his crew discovered will blow your mind. They came across an ancient alien base and a female humanoid, who was in suspended animation. Further exploration revealed that a huge object spotted by the Apollo 15 mission was actually an ancient spaceship, measuring 2.5 miles long. Not far from it was another small spaceship and remnants of an ancient city.

Though Rutledge stood by his claims and videos, the mission certainly seemed far-fetched and provided plenty of fodder for conspiracy theorists. Suffice it to say that NASA denied the Apollo 20 moon landing as a hoax, stating it was one of three missions cancelled because of reduced funding from Congress. There is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to it.

Thing is, history tells us many similar and zany cases often turn out to be true. As always, you be the judge. Here’s more from BuzWeaver on The Lost History Channel TKTC.

Of Stargates And Portals

The Inca Civilization was an amazing empire, though no written record of it remains. Fortunately, the Incan culture did leave us a myriad of myths and legends, including the strange depictions at Nazca, a city and system of valleys on the southern coast of Peru.

Perhaps the most intriguing piece of art is that of The Waving Man, who experts theorize is the actual representation of a deity emerging from a portal or stargate. The depiction shows signs relating to the Sumerian Abzu, the domain of the god Enki/Ea, his consort Damgalnuna (Damkina) and his mother Nammu, as well as being the home of a number of his peculiar creatures. Enki was believed to have ruled the Abzu prior to mankind’s creation. The reality of Abzu is confirmed in Sumerian texts and other ancient writings.

Are The Waving Man and the similarly mysterious massive Peruvian megalithic structure known as The Devil’s Gate in Peru, near the Bolivian border, ancient representations of some sort of power source or physical passageways holding the potential for wormhole or stargate possibilities? You be the judge. Here’s more with BuzWeaver in this episode of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

History Lost In Mythology

Modern aircraft carries millions of people around the world and space shuttles send passengers to the stars, all in the name of advanced technology. But is there evidence that these achievements existed on Earth thousands of years ago? A deeper study of Hinduism, the world’s oldest religion, suggests that the answer is a resounding yes.

In the Hindu belief system, the gods and supreme leader Sheba, were real beings who walked among us. Sheba himself claimed to be an incredible force of creation, but at he same time a powerful element of destruction. The Hindu story of the Mahabharata is loaded with stories of what seems to be extraterrestrial technology, such as flying vehicles described in great detail, voice-activated weapons and evidence of nuclear destruction.

The Lost History Channel TKTC asks, “Were people in ancient times visited by beings from the stars who gave us scientific technologies or was there simply a lost civilization here on Earth that spanned the globe and has since long abandoned the planet?” Here’s more with host BuzWeaver.

Egyptians In The Grand Canyon

Perhaps one of the most captivating mysteries surrounding of the 20th century is the purported discovery of an Egyptian city in Arizona’s Grand Canyon in 1909.

As the story goes, The Arizona Gazette reported that two Smithsonian Institution-funded archaeologists discovered an ancient Egyptian city deep in the Grand Canyon, along with a cache of gold artifacts that cannot be recognized as anything else but Egyptian in origin. The find also proved that the race inhabiting the mysterious cavern, hewn in solid rock by human hands, traces back to the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses.

After investigating the excursion, the Smithsonian denied that the project ever happened and the existence of the two archaeologists in an apparent cover-up. The bottom line here is that if this story is true, it would radically change the current view that there was no transoceanic contact in pre-Columbian times.

In the following presentation by the Lost History Channel TKTC, host BuzWeaver expands on the details of the discovery and David Hatcher Childress, world explorer, author and publisher, gives his take on the revelation.

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