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Echos Of Lost, Advanced Culture

Why are there migration routes from the Mediterranean to more northern climates? Could it be something radiating in the southern sky was so intense that it forced people in the opposite direction?

Apparently so, since along the northern migration routes, archaeologists discovered the Skara Brae, the best-preserved Neolithic settlement in western Europe, where people began making their homes there in 3,100 B.C. It was discovered in 1850 when a storm exposed part of the coastal site. Continued erosion in the bay has led to similar discoveries.

An exceptional collection of artifacts were discovered at Skara Brae, attesting to the advanced culture that lived there. Among the artifacts were carved rocks, one of which was representative of the auroras manifesting discreetly in the sky, possibly the reason for the migration northward. Here’s more on the Lost History Channel TKTC with host BuzWeaver.

Historic Places Lost to Time

It’s fact that our ancient timeline is flawed. The modern world is much older than history teaches us. When looking at some of the most amazing scientific discoveries recently, it’s evident that the traditional chronological approach to age dating–with regard to our ancient history–should be revisited. Once thriving and highly developed cities around the planet lost to our developed consciousness have been rediscovered in recent years. Since ravaged by war and natural disasters, these marvels have come to enlighten us, leaving us to question not only their timeline, but also the stories and history behind them. Host Simon Whistler features 10 such historic places in this episode of Top Tenz.

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