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Petroglyphs: The Path To Truth

Petroglyphs are vastly becoming an open interpretation of human activity. The carvings across the planet are similar and appear in discreet phases of a cataclysmic manifestation in the sky, so drastic, that it affects everything we know today.

The petroglyphs were found largely outdoors, where artists had a vantage view of the event. Could this have been the manifestation of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, or something more sinister? BuzWeaver digs into the history of the phenomenon in this edition of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

Sphinx: Destroyed Or Decayed?

BuzWeaver takes a closer look at Egypt’s Sphinx and its many art renderings throughout the centuries. Perhaps the most obvious change to the structure came in 1822, when it was depicted for the first time with what appeared to be a damaged nose. Was it destroyed or decayed?

There’s speculation that the nose was blown off by a cannon ball. Not the case, says BuzWeaver, because it was discovered that iron rods were inserted into the nose at three different locations. BuzWeaver says this was probably the deliberate work of Napoleon’s army searching for a secret passageway. Here more from The Lost History Channel TKTC.

Prehistoric Monument Found

A 115-foot-long triangular platform that resembles a surface for a landing craft has been found in Saudi Arabia. Described as a place of ritual sacrifice for nomad pastoralists, the platform is said to have been hidden under the sands of time for 8,000 years.

BuzWeaver brings us more on the origins of the discovery and elaborates on the epic age of existence in this edition of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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Researching Our Existence

What exactly are we human beings? How did we come to be and what is our purpose? When we dig deeply into our existence, there must have been intervention. This is where God comes in. The Lost History Channel TKTC’s BuzWeaver says church tells us about the great prophets, the Messiah and events that did happen, but who are we to question the word of the Lord.

Ancient chroniclers often gave the Lord human form, recalling him as the first man, but he was no flesh and blood. In his original character, he upheld the cosmos as the “heaven man,” a celestial giant whose body encompassed all the gods and composed the primeval matter of creation. More than one scholar, including William Ridgeway, reduces him to a living man, an esteemed travel ancestor whose heroic exploits in succeeding generations progressively enlarged until the universe came under his authority.

Ridgeway says only a tribal chief could have left such profound imprint on primitive communities. Here’s more of his God-like perception.

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Navy Ships Stalked By UFOs

When we consider the vastness of space, it’s difficult to fathom that we are alone in the universe. Or are we? Not according to several strange encounters across the planet in recent years, including a mysterious interaction by Navy ships with unidentified aircraft.

In material recently released through the Freedom of Information Act, The New York Post reported that in 2019, three Naval war ships were repeatedly harassed by UFOs off the coast of California. The crafts, later identified as unmanned aerial vehicles, buzzed the three destroyers for several days. The report confirms that as many as six of these crafts swarmed the USS Kidd, USS Rafael Peralta and USS John Finn, at times performing brazen maneuvers. Here’s more with BuzWeaver and The Lost History Channel TKTC, which details other strange, alien encounters.

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The Great Attractor

There is something happening in space right now that can affect our existence and we can’t do anything about it. We are slowly sucked toward The Great Attractor, which is the gravitational center of the Laniakea supercluster, home to the Milky Way and thousands of other nearby galaxies.

What is the Great Attractor? One theory is that it’s a confluence of dark energy, another is that it might be caused by over-density, which possesses an intense gravitational pull. The phenomena was first discovered in the 1970s, when scientists made a detailed map of the cosmos. NASA calls it The Great Unknown and it inhabits every corner of the farthest reaches of our cosmos. Here’s more on The Lost History Channel TKTC, with host BuzWeaver.

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Full UFO Disclosure Looming

Thanks to President Trump’s approval of legislation for full disclosure of advanced aviation threats in our airspace–aka UFOs–the Pentagon is preparing to release a detailed report later this year. The legislation mandates that the Director of National Intelligence work with the Secretary of Defense on the report, which will disclose everything that the government knows about UFOs.

Accordingly, the disclosure will include detailed analysis of UFOs, also known in agency lingo as unidentified aerial phenomena or anomalous aerial vehicles, and data gathered by naval intelligence. It also calls for an interagency process that will ensure that data will be gathered and analyzed across the federal government. The disclosure is expected to include information on sightings from around the world and will be huge. Here’s more with BuzWeaver on The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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The Milky Way Obsession

Space might not be the final frontier, but it is the next. Parts of our Earth are just as alien to us as the deepest parts of space and, at times, it might be easier to uncover the mystery of the cosmos than our own world.

Finnish astrophotographer J.P. Metsavainio took it to the extreme, creating a mosaic of the Milky Way Galaxy, a 12-year project to collect sufficient data. Total exposure time used was about 1,250 hours between 2009 and 2021. The final photo is about 100,000 pixels wide, including 234 individual mosaic panels stitched together and 1,7 gigapixels. Here’s more on the project with BuzWeaver from The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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5,000-Year-Old City Unearthed

Archaeologists have unearthed En Esur, one of the greatest cities of antiquity, in Israel. The 5,000-year-old settlement has been called a cosmopolitan wonderland by researchers and is thought to have been home to 10,000 residents during the Bronze Age.

Another important piece of the puzzle to our historic past, En Esur was a planned settlement with a network of streets, alleys, squares, and drainage and storage installations. Researchers point out that this type of structural thinking and planning was most likely only found in centers of trade. Here’s more on the discovery with BuzWeaver on The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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New Data On Amelia Earhart

A new technique called neutron radiology might be the key to solving the 84-year-old mystery of Amelia Earhart’s disappearance. Earhart, celebrated as the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean with a navigator friend, is at the center of perhaps the most historical mysteries when she vanished in her Lockheed Electra 10-E airplane in July 1937. The plane nor the  remains of Earhart and her friend have ever been found.

During the flight, Earhart made radio contact with the cutter Itaska, explaining she was having radio and instrument troubles and said she was unsure of her precise location. Minutes later she vanished. In 1991, Earhart enthusiast Richard Gillespie found an aluminum panel in washed-up storm debris on the shore of a Pacific island and suspected the panel came from the Lockheed Electra. Fast forward to today and a Penn State University team is employing a neutron beam in hopes of uncovering hidden clues that might support Gillespie’s hypothesis. Here’s more with BuzWeaver on The Lost History Channel TKTC.

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