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Petroglyphs: The Path To Truth

Petroglyphs are vastly becoming an open interpretation of human activity. The carvings across the planet are similar and appear in discreet phases of a cataclysmic manifestation in the sky, so drastic, that it affects everything we know today.

The petroglyphs were found largely outdoors, where artists had a vantage view of the event. Could this have been the manifestation of the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, or something more sinister? BuzWeaver digs into the history of the phenomenon in this edition of The Lost History Channel TKTC.

Prehistory’s Aurora Events

As far back as human history can be documented, catastrophic space phenomena in the form of plasmic energy discharges in the skies, sent early humans scurrying for shelter in the most remote locations imaginable.

Sometimes, these plasmic events, known today as auroras, were things of beauty for our ancestors. Other times, they created panic and terror. Amazingly, the prehistoric inhabitants of our planet documented the plasmic events through petroglyph carvings found throughout the world. The since-deciphered drawings reveal that these early civilizations undoubtedly experienced something so outrageous that they sought to document it for all time. Here’s more with BuzWeaver on The Lost HIstory Channel TKTC.

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