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Michigan’s Democratic Thugs

Listen as Ned Staebler, one of the Democrats on the Wayne County Board of Canvassers, threatens Republicans who didn’t want to certify election results. Wayne County includes Detroit, the hub of many charges of ballot tampering and voter fraud in Michigan. Not only were the two Republicans on the board threatened but also their children. Staebler is a Wayne State University employee and a failed Democratic candidate. We give him a C for best performance by a university employee trying to sound like a street thug. Screw this ass wipe and same goes for his ratty school!

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Staebler wasn’t the only Democrat making threats. Here, US Representative-elect Abraham Aiyash, another Detroit Democrat, doxxes and threatens a Republican board member and her children. This jerk isn’t even serving in Congress yet, but he’s already delivering threats and behaving like a thug. Suburban Democrats ought to take a close look at this wing of their party. Really vile and ugly cretins who should be facing jail for their criminal behavior.It’s not the Republicans who are stuffing the ballots, Aiyash, but you and your cheating Democratic friends. Prison awaits you, moron!

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Wayne County REVERSES decision NOT TO CERTIFY the election results after ANTIFA and Democrats INTIMIDATE election officials in exchange for a state-run audit. The GOP needs to GROW A SPINE and REFUSE to certify until ALL DISCREPANCIES are investigated. Meanwhile, Georgia finds ANOTHER 2,700 missing ballots. More from Mr. Obvious.

The Salty Cracker has some fine words for Bwana Aiyash and Staebler. No, we’re not taking it from you Lefty tards anymore. We’re delivering it right back at you rancid bums! This video’s called Watch Them Cornholes.


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