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DietPepsi Takes On WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks is now getting a taste of its own medicine as a hacking group calling itself AntiLeaks has launched a massive denial of service attack against the WikiLeaks website. Led by the shadowy DietPepsi, AntiLeaks also has claimed responsibility for taking down the Ecuadorian president’s website in response to the request by WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange that he be granted political asylum in Ecuador.

“What prompted us to form AntiLeaks is the impending decision by Ecuador to presumably give Julian [Assange] asylum, which should happen within days after the Olympics are over,” DietPepsi wrote in an email to the Des Moines Register, further claiming WikiLeaks is a terrorist organization.

Some have speculated that the American-based AntiLeaks is a US government-sponsored front, but DietPepsi laughed off those rumors. “I want to make it clear to all the conspiracy theorists out there that we have nothing to do with the United States Government…,” DietPepsi wrote. “We find it quite humorous to read all these Twitter comments from people who suspect us of being NSA/CIA/FBI/or even WikiLeaks themself.”

RT, the Russian global TV network, interviewed Loz Kaye, the leader of the United Kingdom’s Pirate Party, about this latest twist in the WikiLeaks saga. The Pirate Party has embraced WikiLeaks’ broadsides against governments worldwide. Pirate Parties exist in several countries, the most active being in Germany, Sweden and the Czech Republic.

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