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It’s Time To Restart Everything

Trump gave a speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). The clock has been activated. It’s time to restart everything. Trump dropped messages during the speech, letting the people know that they are in control. Specific targets are locked on and the people will begin to find out the truth. This is just the beginning. Trump is showing the people the truth. They are now understanding that the [Deep State] policies do not benefit the people. Trump is now placing everything into position. More from the X22 Report.

The stage, the words, the times in Trump’s CPAC speech spell out truth. Follow the watch: The time is ticking. We will win! Pray! More from And We Know.

POTUS IS BACK! And he is definitely not quitting! If you believe in America and that our election was stolen, you owe it to all of us to keep fighting! More from RedPill78.

What were the reactions to Trump’s speech? How long can the creeper, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, remain in office? The Facebook alternative, Gab, has been hacked — this coming after the other conservative alternative, Parler, spent several weeks offline. More on all these stories, plus Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine, from Jordan Sather in a new edition of Accordin’ To Jordan.

The Purge Continues

If you haven’t already done so, join the social network platform Gab, says Mark Dice. Parler could be back in time, but perhaps not. Gab already has its own servers, so it’s in a much better position to withstand the onslaught of censorship from the leftist social media platforms and their big corporate allies.

If you think it’s bad already, “we’re entering a very dark period in American history,” and could get even darker, says Dice. The Democrats are going to try to strong-arm their way into the White House, using any and every trick in the book. Make no mistake about it, they are demons.

Twitter’s stock price continued to plummet Tuesday as the Big Tech coup backfires. These Leftist monopolies are seeing hundreds of thousands of customers leave, as the threat of censorship as well as strong-arm tactics, have not passed muster with the vast majority of Americans. There are also new technologies emerging that analysts say could make Twitter, Facebook and the rest of this oliogarchic pack a bunch of dinosaurs. More from Steve Turley.

According to Gizmodo, Twitter Hacker ‘Crash Override’ archived MILLIONS of deleted Parler posts. This includes, photos, video and metadata which can even include GPS location. Leftists are already using this as an excuse to dox Trump supporters. Yet another example of Cancel Culture. More from Mr. Obvious.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump’s approval numbers are rising among Americans. People have seen the rancor and censorship being pushed by the leftists, and are rejecting these moves by Big Tech. More from The Salty Cracker.

Pompeo Kills One-China Policy

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has killed the “One-China” policy. Taiwan is happy, Communist China is furious. The decision lifts many previous restrictions on American and Taiwanese relations. Here, TheDuran offers a discussion on this policy, how it might change and whether this change will be upheld by a Biden administration, assuming he takes office.

Speaking of Mike Pompeo, Simon Parkes says the Secretary of State’s stinging criticisms of China and revelations of dark deeds serve more purposes than just keeping the public informed. There are now military teams of the United States in place all around the globe. They are ready at a moment’s notice to strike at enemies of the United States and those domestic forces who have engaged in treason, terrorism and other crimes.

How do you get all these teams synchronized so they strike at the same time. You use Pompeo’s Tweets as comms, falling every half hour, every 10 minutes, every minute, in order and in sequence. So the covert teams in place can not only synchronize their watches, but also have fixed times when they un-open their written instructions and learn what tasks they have been assigned, in what sequences, in what order. So this is a way to get the teams operating in unison and performing tasks that have been kept secret and covert, so as not to alert the criminals.

The first operations, most likely, will be covert. But as we get close to January 20 when a new term is scheduled to begin, we can expect bigger operations that will be done in public, out in the open, although perhaps still with the mass media shut down.

On Monday, a disgruntled employee HACKED the State Department’s website to say that Trump’s term has ended. The Internet responded in a hilarious way. More from Mr. Obvious.

Brackets And Jackets

With Lin Wood rekindling discussion of Jeffrey Epstein — amid claims that Epstein might still be alive and willing to testify — we thought it was a great time to revive Isaac Kappy’s signature Brackets and Jackets video. And, lo and behold, we discovered there’s a brand new version of Brackets and Jackets called The Special Epstein Island Edition.

Wood, one of the nation’s foremost civil liberties litigators, says documents compiled by the late Kappy indicate there are “thousands of videos of pedophilia crimes committed by powerful people.” Wood says he has been given access to Kappy’s vaults containing the videos. These videos were allegedly gathered together by a secretive hackers’ group calling itself The Lizard People. Wood intends to place the videos into the hands of President Donald Trump. If anything sinister happens to Wood or to any members of his family, the videos will be instantly made public.

Who is Isaac Kappy? He was an Albuquerque pop musician who achieved some fame in Hollywood, appearing in movies including Terminator Salvation and Thor. But Kappy was found dead in May 2019. He had been driving back from Hollywood to Albuquerque and supposedly jumped off a highway bridge, onto Interstate traffic, in Bellemont, Ariz.

There is considerable evidence he did not jump or commit suicide but instead was pushed off the bridge, or thrown off after having been murdered elsewhere. There are even a few who believe he’s still living somewhere under a witness protection program, and could return to testify, same as Epstein.

What gave rise to a zealous phalanx of Kappy enemies? He had made a series of videos — like Brackets and Jackets — alleging widespread pedophilia among the entertainment elite. He charged the child victims not only were being raped, but also murdered. Now, Wood is amplifying on those charges, claiming Jeffrey Epstein and global intelligence agencies, including the FBI and CIA, have taken part in these tortures and murders. The object: To gather blackmail that the agencies can use to exert control over the rich and famous.

In this episode of The Silent War: Lin Wood is channeling the Ghost of Isaac Kappy – who died under mysterious circumstances after pursuing elite pedophiles. Wood claims to have video tapes of child rape & murder blackmail! Maybe even of Supreme Court Justice Roberts!

Meanwhile, Congress joins to Rig the Process on January 6th Electoral Vote Final Certification. Gunshots are fired at Vote Auditors in Georgia! & Kamala Harris Steals a childhood story from MLK! More from Dustin Nemos.

Leet Haxor

Are the voting machines online? Jovan Pulitzer not only demonstrates the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Georgia are almost all online, but also shows how easy they are to hack, and how most all of them have been communicating with China. If there wasn’t monkey business afoot, why would they be communicating with China? Are they learning to speak Mandarin or what? Maybe they were seeking a translation for 1337 h4x0r, otherwise known as Leet Haxor, or a Hacker with a Little Extra Kick!  More from The Salty Cracker.

And, it being the 2nd of January, how about we give you a double-dose of The Salty Cracker. Here, he joins the snide Leftist Mayor of New York City, that’s Bill De Blasio, dancing with his wife to ring in the New Year while all of you Covid carryers are cruising in your home cellars, wanking and yanking your puds all by your lonesome. De Blasio is such a bitchin dude! His wife’s so swank with her kid fucker mask! Where’s the lovely Chiara, the De Blasio daughter who looks so ravishing riding the subways?




Was Treasury Hack Cleanup?

We compiled four years of evidence to prevent what happened to prevent a Pearl Harbor on Election Day. But it didn’t work. We were unsuccessful. I, George Webb Sweigert, have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of my own savings to prevent this day. But the Electors have voted. We lost. We need to move our attention to the foreign interference investigations we started four years ago with the Biden Blackberries. The question I ask now: Was the Treasury hack cleanup for the 2016 Cozy Bear hack. More from George Webb.

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You Must Concede Now!

BE SILENT! We have ways of making you concede!

Thomas Wictor analyzes the bullying practices of the mainstream media, with a fierce appraisal of sneering Fox News reporter Leland Vittert. What an asswipe! Vittert easily shows most journalists are neither fair nor objective.

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Meanwhile, on One America News, Christina Bobb discusses the large margin by which Joe Biden likely lost.

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Compromised by design! A look at how America’s voting machines are vulnerable to hackers and how the 2020 election was likely hacked. More from The Liberty Hound.

Iran Hacks America

Iran has struck back at the United States by hacking an obscure federal government website. Their graphics were old and their language strident. Still, they dropped their angry message, including a face punch at President Donald Trump, in the heart of America. More from Mr. Obvious.

Not only are Iranian hackers up to no good, but Iran’s rogue government is vowing to assassinate President Donald Trump. They are also implying they will strike at all Trump-owned properties around the world. Is this a prelude to war? Are the globalists involved? How can the Liberals side with a bunch of loony terrorists? Lisa Haven explores what’s afoot.

The Dark Overlord Files

Jason Bermas takes a deep dive into the Dark Overlord files. What are those? Those are files released by a hacker group that did a hatchet job with 9/11, trying to use dirty 9/11 files to work extortion rackets. No doubt, these hackers are dirty, but so are many of the companies and government officials involved in 9/11.

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Bermas also says the Dark Overlord files contain secret testimony, given by none other than James Woods!

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The Letter Q

Thank Q!

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In this episode, In Pursuit of Truth says former President George W. Bush has come off his ranch to politick for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Among those who have been personally called by Bush are Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, and Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz., all more inclined to take advice from Bush than from current President Donald Trump.

Also, In Pursuit of Truth delves into the Hawaii hackathon that happened on January 13. The incident happened when both Hillary Rodham Clinton and Huma Abedin were vacationing in Hawaii. Clinton’s presence wasn’t revealed until three months later. Also, the hackers just might have managed to retrieve Barack Obama’s long-buried birth certificate from Hawaiian state records!

What exactly is Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., doing in Communist China? Q-Anon has a few photos that show Feinstein traveling by car inside China, apparently in the Guangdong region. This is a coastal province along the South China Sea. In Pursuit of Truth takes a look at these posts, plus other tasty tidbits from Q-Anon.

In a final update, released Monday, In Pursuit of Truth speculates that Michael Avenatti, the Creepy Porn Lawyer, will insert himself once more time in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, trying to smack down the Trump Supreme Court nominee. Also, the Washington Times lost a libel case brought against it by Aaron Rich, the brother of Seth Rich. Finally, Heather Sawyer, a staffer for Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., has been identified as the individual responsible for leaking details of Christine Blasey Ford’s charges. The leaks represent a violation of Senate code.


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