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Porn Star Slams Maher

Porn star Jenna Jameson just spilled the beans on Bill Maher. He has been making fun of Trump relentlessly during the campaign. According to, Jameson went on Twitter to accuse the host of hypocrisy over Trump’s comments to Bill Bush in 2005. In the recording, Trump said that he could just walk up to any woman and “grab them by the pussy.” Jameson says Maher can’t talk: She has seen him grabbing pussy at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles.

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Ivanka Trump’s Stunning Rise

Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump, has displayed a remarkable transformation from heiress to fashion designer, businesswoman, wife, mother, and two-time published author. No matter what you might think of her father, there’s no denying that Ivanka Trump has both the fashion and business sense to carry her far in her own right. Here’s a look at the stunning transformation of Ivanka Trump.

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Another View on the Wall

Titus Frost is a Trump supporter, but he says building a wall across the southern border of the United States makes no sense at all. Instead, Frost proposes transferring more of the military to patrol the border, and encouraging more immigration, but only involving potential residents of whom we approve. In his latest video, Frost roasts the satanist witch Madonna. He also discusses the scary term “demographics,” showing how the population curve created by the baby boomers actually requires the USA to bring in immigration, unless the 4th Industrial Revolution makes workers obsolete.

China Vs. the United States

In the year 2017 China and the United States are both world superpowers. They have similarly matched military, even though United States spends a lot more money. In this military comparison, we are comparing China and USA to see how they match up against each other and see who would win. Who do you think would win in a fight between China and the United States (air force, navy, nuclear, etc)? Which military is stronger and smarter?

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Latest from the Zo-Loft

Alright! It’s week one of Making America Great Again! Some people don’t know what that means. Like wound-up women doing a women’s march wearing cat heads to promote pussy-power. Admittedly the hard would really be cute, but the cause the cuteness masks certainly isn’t, and we’re not falling for it! Could these women use a dose of the Zo Loft?  See the latest from Alfonzo Rachel.

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