A Tsunami Of Vax Deaths

Look for a tsunami of vax deaths and disabilities over the next few years that will kill or permanently harm as many as one billion individuals worldwide. That’s the forecast from Betsy Eads, one of the doctors who has been most outspoken about the Covid-19 vaccines, labeling them a “true bioweapon.”

Eads appears on USA Watchdog, interviewed by journalist Greg Hunter. The enormous upward spike in deaths is occurring “all over the world,” she says. Few patients have been prepared for the damage, as the medical establishment lied about the risks associated with the vaccines, as did multiple celebrity and sports figures hired by the Big Pharma companies to push taking the vaccines.

Their chief downfall? They weaken the hearts of patients, causing myocarditis and sudden death. And you might still be at risk even if you haven’t taken the vaccines.

Here, Dr. Eads talks about the dangers of transmission. She says unvaccinated individuals can come in contact with spike proteins disseminated by vaccinated patients through a process sometimes labeled “shedding,” although Eads explains why she finds that term a bit confusing.

BOMBSHELL interview with Pascal Najadi and attorney Todd Callender. The dam of disinformation and lies regarding the Pfizer & Moderna bioweapon vax is breaking with Switzerland and Thailand leading the way by bringing justice to those responsible for crimes against humanity. More from the SGTReport.

Golden Dawn: Esoteric Magick

Join us as Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt goes deep on the hidden origins and secrets of the Golden Dawn Mystery School. Dark Journalist shows how it was splintered by outside Occult groups after bringing together some of the greatest esoteric magicians including the poet W.B. Yeats and the notorious Aleister Crowley! He also shows its unusual connection to the enigmatic author of the legendary Alice in Wonderland book Lewis Carroll!

How CIA Controls Silicon Valley

An overview of In-Q-Tel, the CIA investment arm that controls Silicon Valley. More from Really Graceful.

Kubrick Faked Moon Landing

Rumors have persisted for many years that the Apollo moon landings never happened but instead were staged and faked by Hollywood. Here, the Australian Bitchute poster Bluewater gives us what appears to be a taped confession in which an aged Stanley Kubrick admits he orchestrated a fake moon landing.

Although Kubrick never specifies a particular launch, we must presume he’s talking about the Apollo 11 landing that purportedly carried Neil Armstrong to the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon’s surface on July 20, 1969. This was the monumental flight followed on television by half a billion citizens around the world. They watched in awe as Armstrong touched down and proclaimed, ” “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Bluewater says he originally posted this confession in 2019 and again in 2020 but it was deleted both times from Bitchute. So we won’t be surprised if it is taken down again. Bluewater does not identify exactly where the staged landing occurred, but says “it was filmed in the desert outside Hollyweird.”

Also, Bluewater notes a bizarre fact. Namely, Kubrick died on March 7, 1999, exactly 666 days ahead of the September 11, 2001 takedown of the Twin Towers in New York City. Was this a strange coincidence, or part of another larger Freemason conspiracy?

CNN: Sex, Lies And Spies

CNN has deep ties not only to the CIA, but also to the larger array of American intelligence agencies. That’s the word from Kent Heckenlively, co-author of a new book that delves into the multitude of ways in which CNN is engulfed within the American security framework.

“We’re being played,” he explains to the Next News Network. “There’s a remarkable pattern of employing guys at CNN who have worked for American intelligence agencies.”

Heckenlively titled his book This Was CNN: How Sex, Lies and Spies Undid The World’s Worst News Network. Published by Bombardier Books, it’s due to be released tomorrow on Feb. 7.

Reviewing the book, Facebook whistleblower Ryan Hartwig wrote, “This book may be about CNN, but its most shocking revelations have to do with the national security apparatus and its suffocating stranglehold on our government and our free press, through the use of social media companies and also through strategically embedded intelligence operatives.”

Heckenlively cowrote the book with Cary Poarch, an investigative journalist who works for Project Veritas. James O’Keefe, director of Project Veritas, penned the foreword. Here, Heckenlively cites examples of intelligence agents now holding key posts at CNN. This is hardly a new pattern. In the Project Mockingbird era, during the 1960s, as many as 400 journalists were discovered to have contributed to the FBI, sometimes as employees, other times as contract snitches.




Insect Powder Added To Foods

The powers that be frown seeing how few of us have any intention to eat insects. No one cares whether Klaus Schwab and his goons at the World Economic Forum have been pushing this unpalatable prospect.

Now, it appears insect powder is being added to foods without us knowing in advance what we’re eating.  More from Computing Forever.

Watch Bill Gates Squirm!

Watch closely as poor, poor innocent Bill Gates squirms during a recent ABC Australia interview when confronted by questions about his relationship with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

At one point, the former Microsoft CEO-turned-COVID-Czar  becomes visibly unhinged when he frustratingly describes his response to a question as “for the “100th time!” Gates continues lying through his teeth when he claims he only had dinner with Epstein and there was no relationship with him of any kind, including with the Gates Foundation.

This, despite overwhelming, documented evidence that Gates visited Epstein Island 36 times, when Epstein had a knack for compromising high-profile visitors with sexual favors. Rest assured there will be more squirming for this gutless snake in the near future.

Clayton Morris, host of Redacted, welcomes a panel of guests to discuss the interview and more.

In the following video, Melinda Gates spills the beans on her husband, Bill, in an interview with CBS Mornings. Despite her alleged concern, you have to wonder what her role was in the whole Epstein fiasco. Guess we’ll find out down the road.

YouTube Brainwashing Children

The Podcast of The Lotus Eaters tees off on social media giant YouTube for the content they are exposing children to. Makes you wonder what all the leftist platforms teach our kids.

The Lotus Eaters’ Josh Ferme says his research revealed that YouTube content is basically grooming children on LBGTQ propaganda. Think drag queens, gay fairy tales and a specific channel titled Queer Kid Stuff. Pretty disgusting! Here’s more with the Lotus Eaters.

Geraldo Shows True Colors

Geraldo Rivera’s recent tweet that the U.S. could face turmoil if Donald J. Trump loses the 2024 election has both conservatives and liberals in a tizzy.

Next News Network’s Gary Franchi reports that not only has Rivera aligned himself with the woke mob who are still fixated on Trump’s presidency, but many are taken aback by his assertion that he won’t  be voting for Trump in 2024 regardless of policies. What? Can Rivera get any more confusing! Franchi  explains further and features a another surreal moment of Geraldo unleashed!